Does Food Lion have Western Union

Funds transfers have been simpler for many of Western Union’s customers as a result of partnerships with several reputable and well-known retail businesses across the United States.

The majority of these businesses operate thousands of stores around the country and these stores offer a variety of products and services including Western Union money transfer and receiving services.  

We’ll try to discuss aspects in this article that are relevant to an American store called Food Lion.

does food lion have western union

Does Food Lion have Western Union?

Yes, Food Lion has Western Union in many of its stores across the United States. Many of its customers can now send and receive funds through Western Union upon their visit at the store.

Food Lion is an American company that operates more than 1100 supermarkets in 10 states of Mid-Atlantic and southeastern United States and is headquartered in Salisbury, North Carolina.

Food lion was founded in 1957 by Wilson Smith, Ralph Ketner, and Brown Ketner and was then known as Food Town. In 1974, it was acquired by a Belgium-based grocery company known as Delhaize Group that rebranded it to Food Lion. 

What time does Food Lion Western Union close?

Food Lion has more than 1 thousand stores in the United States that serve more than 10 million customers in a week from Monday to Sunday. It has 88 thousand employees working in these stores.

The store working hours through out the week are from 7:00am to 11:00pm, however, the timings may differ in some of the stores due to public holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving or in situations like pandemic. At Christmas day most of the stores are closed and on the Christmas Eve day the timings are reduced from 7:00am to 7:00pm. Similarly, on the Thanksgiving Food Lion starts is operations at 7:00am and ends at 4:00pm.

What is Food Lion Western Union Limit?

Along with other services, Food Lion stores also provide Western Union money transfer services. These services allow their customer to transfer and receive funds from many countries around the globe.

The Western Union limit may vary with respect to the store’s location, however, in most of the Food Lion stores there is a transfer limit of $800 and withdrawal or payout limit of $300. For the exact figure and information related to limits customers can call at the stores or can visit in person.

Where Can you Find Western Union Stores?

Stores that provide Western Union funds transfer and receiving services along with other services like money orders or bill payments can be located either through google maps, or by visiting Western Union’s online agent locator. In case one needs to find Food Lion stores then he can simply go to their website and can find a nearby store by clicking on the store locator.

After that one has to enter State, city and zipcode in the given fields or can search location manually by clicking on the use current location and it will show all the nearby agent or store locations.

The online agent locator will show the exact locations, their address, phone numbers, services offered at a store and their working hours.

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