How Many Treatments Does it Take to Get Rid of Termites?

It can take years creating a home.

It is something that we put a lot of effort and love into.Watching it fall apart because of termites can be a difficult sight.

Homeowners have a lot of queries when dealing with termites. Especially, if it’s their first time. What does a treatment cost? How much time does it take and much more.

Most importantly, how many treatments does it take to get rid of termites?

These are some of the questions that we try to answer in this article.

It Depends on the Treatment

Termite treatments can vary depending on the size of infestation and the type of termites.

Usually, your exterminator would be able to inspect and suggest the best treatment.

You should always go with professional advice. Choosing a wrong treatment method can mean a substantial decrease in the efficacy of the process. .

Here are some of the most popular termite treatments methods, and when they are used.


termite treatment

Fumigation is the most effective termite treatment. It has a killer 100% accuracy , and can be used to wipe out large infestations.

It is used when termites are hidden deep inside house structures.

Though, the treatment is effective in what it is supposed to achieve.

There is a lot of hastle involved in the process.

You have to prepare days before the treatment. Moving out every consumable you have including dental products, pet food and tobacco. Anything that is not moved out is supposed to be double sealed in a NyloFumeTM bag.

When the treatment begins you need to leave the house. This fumigant can take 24-72 hours to clear up the house. All this time, the house keys remain with the exterminator to make sure everything is moving fine.

You are not allowed to enter your home in this period by any means. This is essential to ensure your health and safety.

Soil Treatments

Soil treatments are more commonly used in US households. They are easy to apply and can treat low to medium level infestations.

Soil treatments are also referred to as termiticides. If not chosen properly, it can have a negative effect on environment as well as human health.

It is important that you always take professional advice before applying chemical treatments.

Because proper application of termiticide is also crucial for effective resutls.

Pre-Construction Treatment :

Termites can multiply in wooden structures. It is what they eat 24 hours a day. Pre-Construction treatments. can include using sprays and forms to protect the structure in the pre-construction phase.

A popular choice for wood treatments in structures is Borate.

How to Select the Best Treatment for Your Home?

Choosing the right treatment for your home is crucial. Because not all treatments work the same for every siutation.

This depends on many factors. If you get this part wrong. You end up loosing all of your time, money and effort that ultimately does not provides the results you were looking for.

Factors that Influence Selection of Treatment Methods

Keep these factors in mind when selecting a treatment method for termites. These can determine how well a treatment will work in your home.

  • Infestation Level : High/Medium/Low
  • Type of Termites
  • Property Size
  • Budget
  • Efficacy
Treatment TypeInfestationProperty SizeBudgetEffectiveness
Chemical MediumBig$$$Medium
Wood Spray/FoamSmallSmall$$$Low/Medium

How Many Treatments Does it Take to Get Rid of Termites?

Termites are stubborn insects that infest homes by the count of millions. The deeper they get inside house structures. The harder they are to spot and eradicate.

So how many treatments does it take to get rid of termites?

According to a study on published on drywood termites. Fumigation eliminated 97% of termites in the first treatment.

The second treatment managed to wipe out 100% of termites. These results can vary from property to property and were only tested on fumigation on drywood temrites.

Most companies that you deal with would claim 100% kill rate in one treatment only.

How Long Do Termites Live after Treatment?

How Long Do Termites Live after Fumigation:

When a fumigant is released in your home after tenting. The gases are allowed to stay for 48-72 hrs. Most termites that get in contact with the gas are eliminated within 24 hrs.

For some hard to reach areas. The gas can take up to 3 days to have a lethal impact.

Any termites that don’t get impacted within 3 days were simply too out of reach.

In conclusion, termites can live up to 24 to 48 hours after fumigation..

How Long Do Termites Live after Chemical Treatment

Chemical treatments are commonly referred to as termiticides. Termiticides can be repellant and non-repellant in nature.

The difference between them is that the non-repellent treatment kills termites.

While the repellent treatment creates a barrier. This keeps the termites away from entering in your home. These are used as a supplement to other treatment methods after extermination. Just to make sure the results are permanent.

The non-repellent treatments are designed to work slowly. They attach poison on termites when they go through it. The poison starts working with in 3 to 7 days.

During this period it is also passed to other members of the colony. Making it an effective treatment.

How Long Do Termites Live after Direct Wood Treatment

For furniture and house structures that are already infested. Direct wood Treatments are usd.

These treatments can come in the form of sprays and foams. The spray is applied on the surface of the wood. The wood absorbs all the liquid and and becomes poisonous for termites.

Direct Wood Treatment can kill termites within 1 day of application.

Can You Get a Refund If Termites Come Back After Treatment?

Termites are stubborn insects. It isn’t a surprise if they manage to come back again after treatment.

Since termites do not discriminate. This can happen with reputable companies as well.

So how do you deal with a situation where you have paid the money, and the problem still exists?

Fortunately, most pest control companies do take responsibility when the problem prevails.

One such example is Orkins. The company provides a free follow up treatment if termites survive so If the problem still persists, they offer a money back guarantee.

You will find most companies providing some sort of reassurance for a relapse. The exact policies and reimbursement can differ.

Make sure to check the refund policies before you hire any company.

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