where to buy Goyard in Boston?

When we dive deep into the world of fashion, we see several brands that have a lot to offer to their customers around the globe. However, there are a few brands that don’t have much of a social media presence, and in order to ensure the authenticity of their brand, they only sell their products themselves. Maison Goyard is one of them, a renowned leather trunk making company that has been offering products since 1853.

About Maison Goyard

Goyard or Maison Goyard is a French leather goods manufacturer that was initially established in 1792 under the name Maison Martin in Paris. The company has also been operating as Maison Morel before it became Maison Goyard in 1853. The brand is widely known for its signature “Y” print and interlocking chevron pattern which can be seen in the bags which are manufactured by them.

Maison Goyard offers a variety of products for both men and women. The products include handbags, accessories, and pet accessories and the brand also accepts customized orders from its customers. The brand sells its products only through its boutiques.

Where to buy Goyard in Boston?

There is no authorized boutique of Goyard in Boston. If you are a resident of Boston then you will not be able to purchase Goyard until or unless you travel to cities where the brand has authorized boutiques.

Maison Goyard had only one boutique in San Francisco until 2015 and later opened its authorized boutiques in a few other places in the United States. Moreover, the brand also does not support online purchases.

Where can I buy Goyard in the US?

Maison Goyard has around 35 boutiques around the globe and only six in San Francisco, Dallas, Miami, Beverly Hills, and New York City in the United States. In contrast, Hermez has 34 and Louis Vuitton has 108 stores only in the United States.

You can also search for Goyard boutique locations by visiting Goyard’s official website. All you have to do is to enter the name of your state or city of residence and it will show you the location of its boutiques in the city. In order to be more specific, you can click on “Use My Current Location” and it will show you the boutique within your closest vicinity.

Additionally, a standard order takes almost 4 to complete and can be picked up from the boutique where you have placed the order. until 2016, the brand didn’t have any presence on Instagram

Can I buy a Goyard Online?

According to the information on Goyard’s official website, it does not sell any of its products online, whether they are bags, accessories, pet accessories, or customized goods. However, you can check for distance order service upon visiting the counter at the boutique.

But you will have to visit the Goyard authorized boutique to purchase the products.

You can also get in touch with Goyard support to track your order, for after-sale services, or if you have any general queries just by filling out an online form. The concerned department will review your query and get back to you soon.

How to Authenticate Goyard?

If you want to authenticate a Goyard product, then you will be disappointed as Maison Goyard does not offer authentication services. As the brand does not sell its products online or in any retail stores, purchasing the product from its authorized boutique certifies its authenticity.

Additionally, a purchase receipt can also be strong evidence of the authenticity of a certain product.

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