Orlando Hotels with Bed Bugs [Top 10]

Orlando is one of the most famous and renowned cities in Florida. It has a lot to offer with its amusement parks, water parks, shopping sprees and unique dining experiences. 

No doubt, the city pulls in lots of crowds from all over the US and abroad because of these attractions. However, this tourist activity also makes it one of the hubs for bed bug activity.

 Bed bugs in Orlando are often common, and can be found in the city all year long. If you are planning your next vacation in this city. Make sure to check your hotel for bed bug activity. Or you can end up taking bed bugs straight to your home.

Disclaimer: Hotels mentioned below have had bed bug complaints in the past. This does guarantee if they have the same problem at the moment. However, they recommend caution when trying to check in one of these hotels. 

Parc Soleil Orlando Bed Bugs Complaints

Parc Soleil Orlando

Hilton Grand Vacations Club Parc Soleil is a massive 52 acre 4 star hotel located only 4 miles away from the Universal Studio Florida. The rooms have amenities including pull out sofas, free wifi, flat tv screens. Suites in the hotel have separate dining areas, laundry machines. 

You also get an outside pool, whirlpool tubs and a fitness center. 

Parc Soleil is a great example of how a responsive and friendly hotel staff can make up for bad user experience. A traveler on tripadvisor shared his experience stating he was bit by bed bugs all over his body at the Parc Soleil hotel. He mentioned, the hotel staff immediately moved him to a new room the next day, dry cleaned all of their belongings, and called for pest inspection the next day. The room was quarantined for the next week. 

He mentioned that the management was very helpful and he would look forward to staying with them in the future. 

Caribe Royale Orlando Bed Bug Complaints

Caribe Royale Orlando

The Caribe Royale is another 4 star luxury hotel located within 2.1 mile distance of Walt Disney World and 6.1 miles from Seaworld. This is a Caribbean inspired hotel, hence the name caribe royale. 

Standard plush suites in the hotel would get you free wifi,and flat screen TV’s, microwaves and minifridges. Upgraded suites have better access to amenities such as whirlpool tubs. You can get your own kitchen, a private pool and private balconies if you decide to stay in their villas. 

A visitor at Caribe Royale shared a detailed review of his experience at Caribe royale. He along with his family was badly bitten by bed bugs during their stay. Upon informing the management, they were unable to find any signs of bed bugs in daylight. The management was not responsive in finding a different room he could stay in. 

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Silver Lake Resort Orlando Bed Bug Complaints

Silver Lake Resort

The silver lake resort Orlando is an Arabian inspired 3 star hotel surrounded by palm trees. The hotel is located at a convenient distance of 3 miles from the celebration golf club and 3 miles from Disney’s animal kingdom. 

The condos and villas range from 1-3 bedrooms and offer either full kitchens or kitchenettes, private balconies, microwaves and minifridges. 

The hotel offers a long list of amenities including 4 heated swimming pools, a basketball court, game rooms and BBQ areas .

A traveler at Silver Lake Resort shared his experience with bed bugs stating his family was badly bitten by bed bugs in the second room they stayed in, since the resort had checked them in at the wrong place. 

The whole family suffered from bed bug bites and swollen skin in the morning. They were forced to discard all their luggage because they did not want the bed bugs to hitchhike back home with them. In terms of compensation, the management only agreed to move them to a different location and decided to give them a $10 coupon to make up for the bad experience. 

Omni Orlando Resort at Championsgate Bed Bug Complaints

Omni Orlando Resort

The Omni Orlando resort is a warm and cozy hotel located 8.3 miles from Walt Disney World Resort and 1.1 miles The resort offers polished rooms with flat screen TVs and free wifi. The rooms either have balconies or golf course views. Suites have pull-out sofas, wet bars and dining areas. Amenities include outdoor pools, a free Walt Disney World Shuttle tour and the lazy river sports tour. 

A traveler staying at room 373 posted a review on tripadvisor saying she continuously got bit in her 2 night stay. At first, she did not realize the bites could be from bed bugs and confused them with lice bites. She was offered to move to a different room but the trip was supposed to be ending the next morning so she did not bother. 

Floridays Resort Orlando Complaints

Floridays Resort Orlando Complaints

Floridays Resort  in an all-suite luxury hotel spread over 20 acres of landscape gardens located within 6 miles of Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park and less than a mile away from the I-4.  These luxury suites provides seperate kitchens, wifi, flat screen tv’s, balconies and washers and dryers.

It  also has a gym, 2 heated pools, a gaming room, cafe and a local area shuttle. 

Floridays resort has been reported for bed bugs in the past on travel sites. One such review mentioned the presence of bed bugs in room 212 in building C. The traveller failed to spot bed bugs upon initial check in of the room, but woke up with bed bugs bites on his torso the next morning. When he changed to the room in the same building  however, he was not getting bed bug bites anymore.  

Gaylord Palms Orlando Bed Bug Complaints

This mansion of a hotel is Gaylord Palms Orlando. Located only 3.2 miles away from the Walt Disney Record the hotel is spread over 63 acres of property with a glass atrium garden. An average room in this hotel would get you free wifi, marble tiled bathrooms, coffeemakers and much more. 

Upgraded rooms and suites and kitchenettes, pull-out sofas and wet bars. 

Amenities include an adult-only heated pool, a fitness center, a meeting room, spa and a water park. 

A traveler experience with bed bugs at the Gaylord Palms Orlando at tripadvisor. She stated she was immediately able to find a bed bug crawling once she got into bed. She trapped the bug just to show it to the management. She was moved to a different room . The next morning, they were refunded the fee and the hotel managed to wash their belongings to reduce the risk of hitchhiking bed bugs. 

Renaissance Orlando at Seaworld Bed Bug Complaints

Renaissance Orlando at Seaworld

Renaissance Orlando at seaworld is an upscale hotel with a 10 story atrium. It is a 9 minute walk from Seaworld Orlando and only 6 miles away from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Standard rooms have coffee makes , desks, mini fridges and access to free wifi. While some of the upgrades suites have private balconies. 

A traveler named Taylor shared his experience on tripadvisor. He and 8 of his friends checked into the hotel for a business trip. But the whole experience definitely took a toll when they woke up next morning with bed bugs. The were offered a different room and dry-cleaning of their clothes. 

Orlando Continental Plaza Hotel Bed Bug Complaints

The Orlando Continental Hotel is within easy reach of Universal Studios and located on the Orlandos famous International Drive. With many attractions around the place the hotel is also close to the I-4 highway. 

Orlando Continental has received bed bug complaints  in the past. One such review was posted by a visitor named  Ellie, who mentioned that the hotel totally failed in all basic services including cleanliness, customer service and reservations. She added she was double charged on her card which took over 2 weeks to get back. Above all, she said the whole hotel has bed bugs. She stayed in 3 rooms, room 620, 1128, 730. All of them had bed bugs. 

Residence Inn Seaworld Orlando Bed Bug Complaints

Residence Inn Seaworld

Residence Inn seaworld is an all suite colorful hotel located only 14 miles from International Orlando Hotel and 7 miles from Universal Studios. Amenities include a 24/7 fitness center, an outdoor pool and coin-operated laundry services. 

A visitor at Inn Seaworld posted a review on his bed bug experience stating they found a bed bug crawling on his friend’s face in the middle of the night. The bugs had already bitten her legs. They trapped the bed bug in a plastic bag just to show it to the management which initially did not believe it was a bed bug. They had to sanitize all their stuff and discard expensive luggage which they were not compensated for .

Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista Bed Bug Complaints

Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista

Hilton Orlando near Lake Beuna is a contemporary hotel at a 10 minute walk from disney springs. The hotel features custom-designed beds, mini fridges , flat screen TV’s and Wifi. You get sunday breakfast with disney characters,  a steakhouse and a bistro. 

A visitor at Hilton Olrando lake Buena Vista shared his experience with bed bugs. He stayed in 3 rooms in the hotel, one of which had bed bugs. He was bitten by bed bugs. He was offered to change rooms by the management and take all their belongings which was a hassle on its own. There was no reimbursement of the funds he paid. 

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