Western Union There is a Technical Problem. Please Try Again Later [Solved]

Western Union has been providing the best service so far in facilitating its customers and ensuring that they send and receive money easily and most efficiently. The customers can transfer funds through Western Union’s website or mobile application in more than 200 countries and the receiver can pick up the cash from over 500,000 agent locations worldwide. However, there are times when its customers face problems due to which their transfers are delayed.

Western Union There is a Technical Problem. Please Try Again Later

In this article we will talk about an error that says “There is a Technical problem. Please try again later” and how a person can get over this issue.

Western Union, There is a Technical problem. Please try again later.

While sending money through western union’s website or mobile application, a lot of people face many issues due to which their transactions halt, get delayed or declined. Similarly many Western Union’s customers face an issue regarding technical problems and they are asked to try again later.

The issue normally arises due to some technical issues on the server side but some customers have reported that they have faced the same issue while transferring funds into a bank account and by mistake they have entered name and bank details incorrectly.

How to solve this problem?

This problem is quite frustrating for many of Western Union’s customers as they don’t have any idea what to do next. So the following are some suggestions which could be followed.

Wait a few minutes

It happens normally that at times there is a lot of traffic online and the server is engaged. So if a person gets an error which says that there is a technical problem, please try later than he/she should wait for 10-15 minutes to see whether the issue is resolved or not.

Log Out of your account and Login

The person should make sure that he is putting the details correctly or can reconfirm details from the receiver as well. If the details are correct and he is still facing the same issue then he needs to logout and again login into his Western Union’s account.

Clear Browser Cache

It is also suggested that the person should clear the browser history and cache to see if that fixes the issue. Deleting the cache usually helps to troubleshoot; it also adds to the loading time of web pages and also improves the device performance.

Re-install the mobile Application

After he tries all of the above suggestions and is still unable to make a successful transaction then he should try to reinstall the mobile application.

Issue Still Persists?

If the issue still remains unsolved and the sender struggles to make a transaction then he can take a screenshot of the error and send it to webcare@westernunion.com. Moreover, he should also mention his name, email and the troubleshooting steps which he took. The issue will be reviewed by the service providers or the concerned authorities and they will respond within 48 hours.

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