How Western Union tracking by name (Without MTCN) Works

Whenever a person wants to transfer funds from one country to another then Western Union gets the job done for him. Western Union has about 500,000 agent locations around the globe that serve billions of customers on a regular basis. The company has partnered with many retail stores and issues a MTCN number upon making a transfer through which funds can be tracked.

Western Union tracking by name (Without MTCN)

This article is about tracking whether a person has a MTCN or not.

Where to get the MTCN number?

Basically, MTCN stands for Money Transfer Control Number which is a unique 10-digit tracking number that identifies or indicates a fund transfer. MTCN is assigned to the sender, right after a successful transaction has been made and is used to track your transfer. This unique number can be found on the transfer receipt or on the emailed receipt. 

If you are the receiver then ask your sender to share the MTCN with you and it will help you to track the transfer.

How to track a Western Union by name (without MTCN)?

If you are unable to get the receipt due to some reasons or have misplaced the receipt that contains the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) and you still want to track the transfer made by you or by the sender then you have to follow a few instructions.

The very first thing is that you have to visit Western Union’s website and click on “Don’t know the MTCN”. Now a page will appear in which you have to select whether you are the sender or the receiver.

If you are the sender you will need to provide the following details:

  • Your Phone number
  • Receiver’s Country
  • Amount transferred
  • Date of Transfer (Optional)

After putting the right information into the information fields, click on “Continue” and you’ll be able to see the transfer status.

If you are the receiver than you will be required to fill out the following information:

  • Sender’s First Name and Last Name
  • Your First Name and Last Name
  • Your Country
  • Exact Amount to be received
  • Date of transfer (Optional)

After providing the above information you will see the transfer status on the screen.

How to track a Western Union with MTCN?

If you have a MTCN then you don’t have to struggle tracking the transfer. All you have to do is to visit and after entering the 10-digit MTCN number into the given field, simply click on “Continue” and you will get all the information related to the transfer that whether the transfer is available for pickup or is still in progress. 

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