Where Do Bed Bugs Come From In the First Place?

Are you seeing bed bugs signs all over your home?

As time passes, you will realize how difficult it is to get free from bed bugs. 

These tiny pests are stubborn and the masters of stealth. They attack in the darkness, feeding on human blood, and rest in their hiding digesting their food in the daylight. 

But do you ever wonder, what did you do to deserve bed bugs? And where do bed bugs come from in the first place? 

Are bed bugs attracted to something that you might unknowingly have in your home or are you just another victim that could possibly not have saved his home from this attack.

where do bed bugs come from in the first place

Where do bed bugs Come from in the First Place?

Bed bugs can come from a lot of different places. Their ability to survive and thrive in different environments is the reason they are one of the most commonly found pests in US households. Bed bugs can be found during the day if you know where to look.

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There are some situations where it is almost impossible to avoid bed bugs, but you can definitely take some precaution where necessary to reduce the risk of infestation as low as possible. 

Some of the commons places bed bugs come from are:

Used Furniture

Most people assume bed bugs cannot survive anywhere except mattresses or in bed frames. Which is far from reality. Bed bugs enjoy hiding in places that are dark, damp and hard to spot. They can be easily found in used furniture like sofas, chairs, tables and any other wooden structure. 

If furniture is previously exposed to a bed bug infested place, chances are it will have bed bugs. Bed bugs love to travel and spread to new places using different mediums as a way of transport.

If you bought any kind of used furniture shortly before seeing signs of bed bugs, chances are they reached your home hitchhiking that same furniture. To avoid any future bed bug attacks, make sure to thoroughly check for bed bug signs on furniture before paying for it 

You can use a magnifying glass and a flashlight to better spot live bed bugs or their signs. 

Charity Stores

Did you know bed bugs can cling on to your clothes and stay there? 

It’s a well known fact that bed bugs can easily live on clothes and spread to different places. Infact, before any professional bed bug treatment, you are advised to put all clothes in a plastic bag or wash them before using them again after the treatment. 

Any used clothes you may get your hands on are just as likely to have bed bugs as used furniture. If you are not sure about how well the quality of the clothes are maintained, and if they are washed enough to ensure a pest free environment. 

Do not use them. You might have to pay a bigger cost trying to get rid of bed bugs that you got from charity stores. 

do bed bugs come from hotels?


People who travel a lot are at a greater risk of getting bed bugs. Hotel rooms are exposed to a lot of visitors from all over the country. Any of which can expose the room to bed bugs. 

Whatever your reason may be for travelling, you need to be cautious when going into hotel rooms. 

A seemingly clean room does not mean it does not have bed bugs. Bed bugs don’t know the difference between a cheap motel or a beach side luxury hotel. But there are definitely some steps you can take to reduce your chances of getting bitten or even worse taking bed bugs with you to your home. 

Online Reviews:

The smart way to stay away from hotels with bed bugs is to check customer reviews online. You can find many sites that share customer reviews for the hotel. If the place had bed bugs anywhere in the past, chances are the guests would have mentioned it in their reviews. A few sites that can help you with reviews are Tripadvisor.com, Bedbugregistry.com, IgoUgo

Watch Where You Put your Suitcase:

When you enter a room, don’t trust it’s clean appearance right away. Do not expose your Suitcase or other belongings to the mattress or even the carpet until you have had a chance to inspect for bed bugs. 

Try to put your luggage in an  elevated place such as a dresser or on a shelf in a closet. 

You can also place your belongings on the bathroom titles. Bed bugs can easily be spotted on tiles since they don’t have anywhere to hide on them. So you can be sure that no bed bug is sneaking into your luggage trying to make its way back home. 

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Seek Help from Hotel

If you have already booked the hotel, and see bed bugs signs in the room. Leaving the hotel in search of another place might not be possible in all situations. What you can do is get help from the hotel management. 

 It is not necessary for bed bugs to infest all the rooms in the hotel. But if one room is infested the others are at a higher chance of getting bed bugs too. 

So explain the situation to the hotel management and try to get yourself moved to a different room. Most of the time they would be more than happy to accommodate you. 

However, if you see bed bugs signs in the new room or they simply don’t want to move you. Immediately request a refund and get a new place to stay. 

Precautions after Getting Back Home

If you have followed the safety precautions so far, chances are you managed to stay away from bed bugs in your hotel stay. But just to be sure, you can do a quick 10 minute inspection of yourself and your belongings to see if you brought any unwanted guests back home. 

You can check the suitcase inside and out for any bed bug signs. If you find any signs of bed bugs, use a vacuum cleaner on your suitcase or belongings to trap any bed bugs present. 

If you see any bed bug signs on your luggage, make sure to not put the same clothes with other laundry and get the clothes washed immediately. 

can bed bugs live in a car?

Can Bed Bugs Live in a Car?

If someone you know has bed bugs. You can get your unwanted share of bed bugs by sharing a car ride with them. Bed bugs are genius at hiding and transporting themselves to new places, this is how they spread and evolve. 

Bed bugs can stick on to your body, clothes or belongings can get transported to the car. So if you do share rides with someone that has bed bugs, you are at the risk of getting exposed. 

Unless, you are planning on sleeping in your car. Bed bugs will be left starving in the car for a long time, because bed bugs only bite on sleeping humans, not in the daylight. 

But don’t get your hopes high yet. Do you know that adult bed bugs can survive without food for almost a year? 

Younger nymphs are able to survive for a few months depending on other conditions. So if you are planning on starving bed bugs in your car, chances are, they would have already transported themselves inside your home before this happens. 

How to Kill Bed Bugs in a Car?

If you see any signs of bed bugs in your car and don’t want them transported and settled in your home. Here are a few things you can try to kill bed bugs in your car. 


Heat treatment is one of the most effective treatments for bed bugs with an efficacy rate of over 95%. This is the treatment professionals use to eradicate large infestations of bed bugs. 

Bed bugs are naturally built to survive temperatures below 113 degrees. Exposure to higher temperatures for 6-7 hours can kill bed begs.Now you don’t have to hire a pest control company to clear bed bugs in your car. 

But you can leave your car under sunlight on a sunny day for 6-7 hours, and this should do the job. Heat is energy and it can reach even the most unreachable corners of the car. Unlike any pesticides that you have to spray, make sure they get in contact with bed bugs. 

. To trap more heat inside the car, and make the process more effective.

Try covering the windows and the windshield with a dark fabric. This would absorb great heat and keep it trapped. 

Steam Cleaning

Steam is also a great option to kill bed bugs. Just like heat treatment, steam can also reach all the cracks and corners of your car. You can use both dry and wet steamers to do the job.

Be cautious when using steam cleaners, if the air flow is too strong. You might end up scattering bed bugs all over the place instead of killing them. 

Using Fumigation in Car

Fumigation is small and tight places can be dangerous. Any fumigant capable of killing bed bugs can also impose health dangers to humans. Do not attempt to use any chemicals or fumigants on your own. If you are sure you have bed bugs in your car and would like to use fumigation to get rid of them. Talk to a professional .

It’s possible that bed bugs can find their way into your car by clinging on to your clothes, luggage or other belongings. But bed bugs living in a car are rare. If you do find them in your car a thorough cleaning should be able to get rid of them. 

Where Do Bed Bugs Hide on Your Body?

Bed bugs are hitchhikers that use different things to travel from one place to another. And the human body is no exception. You won’t feel a thing if a bed bug is crawling on your body.

But you can definitely spot them by being a little attentive in adequate light. 

Just because bed bugs use human bodies to travel. It does not mean they start living on us. Bed bugs usually leave once they’ve had enough blood for the day. They need a dark and safe place to digest all the blood

Or they feel like they have travelled enough miles for the day.  

Can Bed Bugs Live in Your Hair

Bed bugs do not live in human hair. They have a tendency to crawl on soft and exposed human skin which is easy to bite. Just like any other human body part, bed bugs do not like living in human hair. 

Living in human hair is never safe for these kinds of bugs. Because they would easily get squished under your head while sleeping. Their size and weight increases substantially when they feed on human blood. 

Infact, if you have bed bugs. You would find a lot of tiny red spots on your mattress sheets and covers. These are freshly fed bed bugs that were squished under your body. 

So no, living in human hair is not exactly a bed bug’s american dream

Do bed bugs lay eggs in your hair?

Bed bugs can look similar to other bugs such as lices, but they do not live in human hair. Hence, they don’t lay eggs in human hair

If you feel you have something crawling on your head. You can ask someone to do an inspection on your hair. This could be anyone in your family or you can also visit a dermatologist that would diagnose what is wrong with your hair. 

Bed bugs however, can bite you in the scalp. This feels similar to beg bug bite in any other body part. The bites can swell and itch forming a zig zag pattern . 

Can Bed Bugs Get In Your Ears?

Bed bugs are drawn to humans for food, since they feed on our blood. They are nesting insects. Their natural instinct is to go back to their nests for protection and sleep once they are successful in finding enough food for the day. 

Their nests are built in and around crevices and cracks of our beds, and they only come out at night when our sleeping bodies are most vulnerable. 

There is a really slim possibility that a bed bug can lose it’s way and get into your ears instead of taking the trip back home. 

Even if you do become a victim of bed bug invading your ears. You don’t have to panic, because rem

oving them from the ear is simple. 

According to this study, an old man described his experience of a bed bug going into his ear. He described the situation as “odd sensations” to the doctor. He mentioned, it feels like something is moving around his ear and that his ear is being “blocked”. 

Upon examination, the doctor was able to find a bed bug in his ear that was stuck in there for probably 2 to 3 days. 

The bug was swiftly removed, and the patient experienced no further complications in the ear after removal. 

Can Bed Bugs Go in Your Private Parts:

Bed bugs do not like to stick around in places they can’t survive, and the human body is one of them. Yes, bed bugs can get in contact with human skin, but that is just to suck blood out of the body. 

They do not like crawling, or wandering around on the body. Their instinct is to head back to their hiding places after feasting our blood. 

In any case, if a bed bug mistakenly does get to your private parts. Here is why it won’t survive much longer:

1.High PH Levels: Your body has a neutral ph level throughout the body. The privates however maintain a much higher level of ph to prevent fungi and bacteria. Which can also kill bed bugs. The privates of a women can have vagianal pH of upto 4.5

2. High Temperatures: Temperatures in and around the private parts of a woman are naturally warm. Although, these temperatures cannot kill bed bugs as their extermination requires more than 118°F. But the natural habitat of bed bugs has temperatures that are way below this mark. 

This is why bed bugs do not bother getting into private parts. 

3. Acidity:  Vaginal fluids are also a big danger for bed bugs. These fluids can be acidic in nature, and are designed to assure the proper functioning of the area. The acids can include lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide which can be dangerous for the beds depending on the level of exposure. 

4. Air Suffocation: Just like all living beings, bed bugs also need oxygen to survive. Bed bugs can suffocate to death if they get into private parts of a human. Studies have shown in the past that bed bugs can die within 30 minutes upon getting trapped in an air-tight space. 

5. Menstruation: The most bizarre myth about bed bugs is that they are attracted to menstruation blood. Which has not been proved by any studies yet. And it was never even reported on a consumer level. Bed bugs cannot go through menstruation blood, hence they stay away from your private parts. 

Bed bugs can get to you in a lot of different ways. They are really good at transporting themselves to new places where they can breed and increase in numbers. Mostly, it’s not something wrong that you have done that causes bed bugs. But simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time can mean that you can extract bed bugs from somewhere else. 

The best way to prevent infestation is to be careful of the places you go to. Also, chemical repellent treatments can go a long way in keeping bed bugs away. 

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