How to Add Western Union Test Question and Answer instead of ID

Western Union has been delivering its best when it comes to the easiest and most efficient money transfer service. The company is trusted by its customers who send and receive money to and from different parts of the world. Unfortunately, many people face identification issues that result in blocked accounts or delayed payments. Western Union has a feature that has made it easier for customers living in the United States to make transactions without showing their ID.

how to setup western union test question instead of id

In this article, we will talk about this new feature known as ‘Test Question’ and what problems the recipients face while picking up cash without ID.

Western Union Receiving Money Requirements

Receiving funds has been made a lot easier with Western Union. Funds can be received from the agent locations or can be deposited directly into your bank accounts but in both cases, you need to provide some information.

If you want to pick up your cash from the agent location then you have to provide the following details.

  • The Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN)
  • State Issued ID (CNIC, NICOP, or Passport)
  • Sender’s name
  • Sender’s City/State
  • Answer to the Test Question (If any)

In case of a bank deposit, you have to provide your sender with these details,

  • Your full name
  • Bank name and Account details
  • Purpose of Transaction
  • Your Address and Contact number

How to Setup a Test Question on Western Union instead of ID

Test question is a feature by Western Union and has made the identification and authentication processes a lot easier and has ensured that the money is getting to the right person. Whenever a sender makes a transfer, he is asked to provide a Test Question along with an answer. Whereas, the receiver is required to answer to pick up the funds instead of showing an ID. The question can be about anything. 

This feature is designed for emergencies like if a person has lost his wallet or documents that could prove his identity. However, in many places Western Union allows the receiver to pick up the money if he/she provides proper identification without answering the question.

Requirements for Test Question and Answer Transfer

  • First thing is that the test question and answer transfer can be made with in the United States.
  • Secondly, a person is allowed to transfer less than $300
  • It must send it from a physical location and not through Western Union’s website or mobile application.

Problems Picking up Test Question Transfers

While transferring funds using Western Union, you have to submit a secret question and make sure that only you and the recipient know the answer. Following are a few details that one should confirm before going for picking up Test Question Transfers.

Being a receiver, you have to make sure that the transfer was made in cash and not by debit/credit card; the amount was sent by visiting the store in person and not through the website or mobile application. Lastly, you should confirm by calling customer support that either the cash could be picked up without ID or not.

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