Can Double Sided Tape Catch Bed Bugs?

can double sided tape catch bed bugs

Bed bugs are really tiny creatures. They can get in the smallest of places and start reproducing. While bed bugs can hide in wall cracks, floors, furniture and cabinets. 

They are more famous to be found in beds and mattresses, hence the name Bed Bugs. 

When you’ve identified the presence of bed bugs. The best way to deal with infestation is to hire a professional to get rid of bed bugs. 

But on the budget you have, you might want to try some home-remedies, as well as DIY treatments to save money. 

One such Gimmick to keep your mattress bed bug free is to use a double-sided tape to stop bed bugs from climbing your bed. 

This might not eradicate bed bugs from your entire house. But at least it can get you a peaceful sleep without bed bug bites. 

But can double-sided tape catch or stop bed bugs? 

How Common Are Bed Bugs

The National Pest Management Associate (NPMA) has released some really interesting facts in it’s survey Bug Beyond Border

According to the survey, nearly 99% of all professional exterminators have treated bed bugs for their clients in the last one year. 

The survey also found that condominiums and apartments are more likely to have infestation than single family homes. 

Also, 1 out of every 5 Americans knows someone that has dealt with bed bugs or is dealing with the problem themselves. If you’re not sure if you have bed bugs. You can try to look for bed bugs in day light.

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Why Protect Your Bed From Bed Bugs:

There is a reason why bed bugs like to hide in mattresses. Bed bugs prey on blood to survive. It’s their only source of energy that allows them to grow to an adult bed bug so they can start the process of reproduction. 

Your bed is the first place you want to protect from bed bugs. Because bed bugs are naturally programmed to feast on you while you’re asleep. 

You are more vulnerable to bed bug bites in your mattress than any other place.

Can Double Sided Tape Catch Bed Bugs?

Tapes and glues have long been used to catch crawling insects like cockroaches, spiders and even rats. 

The efficacy of glue traps entirely depends on the insect. 

Bed bugs can be hard to eradicate because of their ability to hide. Using pesticides can be a good idea, but repeated applications can develop resistance in bed bugs to survive the pesticides. 

The downside of using double-sided tape to catch bed bugs is that bed bugs don’t have a considerable mass to get trapped to the adhesive. They are really light and are almost floating on the surface. Some bed bugs can get trapped while many may crawl right over the tape. 

The only time they can have a considerable mass is when they’re coming back from a feast. 

Can Mattress Encasements work Against Bed Bugs

If you’re looking to protect your mattress from bed bugs to ensure a better sleep. A better option would be to invest in mattress encasements. 

These encasements can lock existing bed bugs in the mattress. Barring bed bugs from outside contact and food. Bed Bugs eventually die out of hunger and you are left with a peaceful nights sleep.

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