How to Pay WES fee with Western Union?

Many students have dreamt of getting education from Universities in countries other than their homelands so they could get a better exposure and a better understanding of the world around them. But before their arrival they have to pay their admission fees which has been made much easier by the most trusted and efficient money transfer service such as Western Union.

pay wes fee through western union

 It has offered a service keeping in mind the needs of students and educational institutes so that they could send and receive fees effortlessly. The service is called Global pay.

In this article we will talk about Global pay, its process and World Educational Services (WES).

What is Western Union Global Pay?

A huge number of students are enrolled as International students in several educational institutes every year in different countries. For these students Western Union came up with a service called Global pay which enables these students to pay their fees without any hassle.

Through this service students can send their fees to the institutes from anywhere around the globe via online transfer, bank transfer or credit card. As Western Union is a trusted money transfer service provider internationally, therefore this is thought to be the safest way for international students to submit their fees.

About World Educational Services (WES)

World Educational Services (WES) was founded in 1974 and is a nonprofit organization that evaluates more than 200,000 credentials per year. The organization auto-authenticates and converts the foreign grading system into U.S and Canadian grading system.

Moreover it maintains a database where it collects and stores information of 200+ countries, academic certificates of about 45000 foreign educational Institutes, 20,000 academic credentials.

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However, the organization has no agreements with the educational systems of any country but the students voluntarily send them their certificates as most of the foreign Universities require credential evaluation for admission.

WES is based in New york, United States and also operates in Toronto, Canada.

How to pay fee WES fee with Western Union?

When an international student is looking to get his credentials evaluated, firstly he has to create a WES account by visiting the official site There is a certain fee which is charged by World Educational Services for credential evaluation. In order to pay that fee one can use Western Union as a payment method.

 As the person clicks on the make payment option on the site he will be redirected to Western Union’s site.

First thing which one sees on the site will be “Paying fee from” which means one will have to select the country from where he is making the transfer. 

Second thing would be the payment amount where the total amount to be paid would be entered and after entering the required information click on get a quote.

Now on the next page one has to select a currency that whether he want to pay in Euros or US dollars. After selecting the currency few details are required which are listed below.

  • Wes Reference Number
  • First and Last Name
  • Address
  • City
  • Email Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Postal Code

After entering the required details into the given fields, just click on proceed to payment and Western Union will provide a document named as payment instructions. Print this document along with the form issued by Wes and take both the documents to the bank to make a successful transaction.

How much time do you have to pay in cash?

After registration and filling the Wes form you have 72 hours in which cash should be paid.

Being an international student one should follow all the guidelines and provide accurate information to avoid any delay or uncertainty.

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