Why Won’t Western Union Accept My Credit Card?

Western Union offers many payment methods through which a person can transfer funds to his family, friends, and business partners in different parts of the world. Money can be sent online through a website or mobile application, in-person, over phone or by debit or credit card. Unfortunately, many of Western Union customers struggle to transfer money to their loved ones as their transactions decline for many reasons.

why won't western union accept my credit card

In this article we will talk about funds transfer using credit cards. Does Western Union accept credit cards and why is Western Union declining your credit card?

Does Western Union Accept Credit Cards?

Yes, Western Union accepts credit cards and you can transfer funds using a credit card via Western Union’s mobile application or from one of the agent locations within the nearest vicinity. Being a sender, all you have to do is to provide the required information of both accounts (sender and receiver). Exact amount to be sent and to where you want to send it. 

However, if you are using a credit card it may affect your credit history if you are unable to return it on time and if you return it on time you will be on a safer side.

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Why won’t Western Union Accept my Credit Card?

When you are unable to make a transaction using a credit card or in other words, your credit card has not been accepted by Western Union, there could be a variety of reasons, some of which are listed below.

Check Billing Address and Card info

 A billing address is an important piece of information that has been registered on your file by the credit card issuer and is associated with your bank account. So, while making a transaction always check the billing address through mobile banking application or by looking at the address on your billing statement. Also check the card information (expiry date, card holder name, card number) for a successful transaction. 

Sometimes the transaction also gets declined as you are using a credit card other than VISA, MasterCard or Discover that is not accepted by Western Union.

Exceeding Credit Card Limit

Every credit card has a certain limit, i.e. a maximum amount which you can spend or if using cash advance, there would be a limit of amount which can be borrowed from the bank. If your transfer has been declined then there is a possibility that you have exceeded the credit limit.

Check with your Bank

Sometimes the transaction is declined by the bank and they don’t share any specific reasons with Western Union. The reasons could be that either your credit card does not have the cash advance capability/feature or there are insufficient funds in your bank account.

There are also instances where the bank believes your card is being charged by an unauthorized personal. In such cases, banks will automatically block any charges due. Some will notify users of such charges and ask for confirmation before proceeding.

If your credit card is being declined multiple times without a solid reason. Get in touch with your bank they can allow the transaction to go through.


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