Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs Under $1000

Zero gravity massage chairs are some of the best relaxation treats you can have in your home. No matter how tired you are after a hectic day at work. If you have a zero gravity massage chair at home waiting to welcome you, your end is going to end well.

The only problem with massage chairs is the high cost associated with them. If you are looking for zero gravity massage chairs under $1000, then you would find the below selection of products useful.

Zero Gravity Massage Chairs Under $1000

  • Slow is Fast Zero Gravity Massage Chair
  • Dotast A16 Zero Gravity Massage Chair
  • BQC Zero Gravity 4D Massage Chair

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Slow is Fast Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Slow is Fast Zero Gravity massage chair under $1000

Slow is Fast Zero Gravity Massage Chair is a full body chair that is packed with many high end features like heat therapy and L-track massage rollers that reach deep down to the end of the spine to provide the most complete massage experience.

L-track roller system is one of the high-end features that you only see in high ticket chairs. It’s addition is definitely a deal maker.

The chair is a zero gravity massage chair, which means you can enjoy your massage in the best stress free position known to man. Moreover, the chair is a space saving chair, so it doesn’t take more than 3 inches of wall space even when it is reclined to the zero gravity position.

All the functions of air and roller massage are fully controllable in terms of speed and intensity.

There are heating modules present in the back of the chair that can provide heat therapy for your back and shoulders. This can help in improving your blood circulation and overall mood. Moreover in case you feel tired and pain in these areas.

Heat can definitely dilate your nerves and provide a lot of relief when required.

Dotast A16 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Dotast A16 Zero Gravity massage Chair

The Doast A16 is another full body zero gravity massage chair under the $1000 price tag. it specialises in Shiatsu massage .

Which is known for its healing and relaxing effects in the massage industry. Shiatsu massage uses the map of meridians derived from ancient Chinese medicine to relieve pain and stress.

The chair advanced body scan technology to detect the contour of your body. It uses this data to tailor it’s massage rollers and air bags to give the best personalised massage that is specific to your body type.

it has both S and L track massage rollers meaning that it doesn’t only have reach to your lower back, but the rollers can go deep down to your glutes and give you the best possible massage experience available.

The massage is supported with 4d massage, which enables them to massage inward, outward, upward and downward your spine and glutes. The 4d roller experience is one of the promising features of this chair.

And the users definitely enjoy it more than any else.You can enjoy the massage along with other features in your favorite zero gravity position. Just lay back and relax and let The Doast A16 take care of all your worries and stress.

BestMassage Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Best massage zero gravity massage chair under 10000

The BestMassage Zero Gravity massage chair has one of the most compact designs. This chair does not make your living space crowded. Instead it blends in like your everyday couch yet it has it’s massage capabilities on point.

The chair comes with over seven massage type options including shiatsu, air pressure, kneading , tapping , knocking and more. All of these are fully adjustable in terms of speed and intensity so you can tailor your massage just according to your taste.

The chair also comes with lumbar heating modules that can be great for everyday relaxation in winters as well as pain relief. People suffering from back pain can use these heating modules as a pain relief therapy.

Sine heat massage are known to have therapeutic effects on pain. Many people are found sleeping on massage chairs since they provide the perfect environment for stress relief and sleep.

Though, it is always better to never overuse your massage chair. Because too much massage everyday can do your body more harm than good.

The SL track roller system decompresses your spine all the down to your glutes. You can also use the built in speakers to build a spa-like ambience of peace and harmony.

When in zero gravity position, the chair elevates your feet above your heart, creating a stress-free position that takes away all of the pressure from your body. It’s close to being weightless, and all your pain and discomfort would come to an end. All of this happens while your head, back and shoulders are supported comfortably on the chair.While the chair works on your body with this air massage and roller to melt all the stress the pain goes away.

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