When Can I eat Chips after Wisdom Tooth Removal?

can i eat chips after wisdom teeth removal

There are many things that go off your diet after wisdom teeth removal.

And it’s impossible to ask your dentist about food there is.

But can I eat chips after wisdom teeth removal?

It is healthy for recovery?

We discuss in this article.

Can I Eat Chips with in 24 Hrs of Wisdom Teeth Removal

Eating any kind of chips or french fries with in 24 hrs of your surgery is strictly prohibited.

During this period your dentist would prescribe you to a strict liquid diet .

It is important that you only use foods that fit in to that diet.

Eating normal food with in 24 hours can expose your nerves to foods. Which can cause bleeding and further damage.

The foods you should consume during are: Milkshakes, yogurt, smoothies and soups.

Eating Chips within 7 Days of Wisdom Teeth Removal

After the initial 24 hrs. You jaw would be well on your way to recovery now.

But it is important to only stick with softer foods for the first week. Putting too much strain on your mouth at this stage is really risky.

There is a chance that anything hard can disrupt the clots formed at the extraction site. Ultimately leading to a dry socket.

Which would be way more painful. And can prolong your recovery period by a lot.So make sure to avoid chips in the first 7 days of wisdom tooth removal.

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Eating Chips After 2 Weeks of Wisdom Teeth Removal

From the start of second week. You should be able to introduce much harder foods in to your diet.

Your wounds would be healed enough for you to get back to your normal diet.

And you can definitely start eating your favourite chips at this point. The waiting period of 2 weeks can seem like a really long time.

But it is best to discipline yourself to go by the approved diet.

Taking risk with your diet can end up costing you even more in the recovery. Not to mention all the pain, discomfort and the cost that comes with it.

Why can’t I eat Chips after Wisdom Tooth Removal

If you just got your wisdom teeth pulled out. It can be hard to wait to be able to eat foods that you like again.

And you’re not alone. The first week after tooth removal is where most people suffer.

But it gradually gets easier to survive on the new diet. If you’re one of the curious patients.You might have gone through a mental experiment. And asked yourself the whole point of abiding by this strict diet.

If you’re still working on this thought experiment. Let me help you with the conclusions.

When you get your wisdom tooth pulled out. The empty sockets are there to be cared for a long time. It can take as much as 2 months for an empty socket to disappear.

In the initial phases after wisdom surgery, these sockets can expose vital nerves to the foods you eat. Harder foods can put a lot of pressure on these nerves.Patients who don’t follow soft-food diets are on the risk of developing dry-sockets.

How long after wisdom teeth removal can i eat popcorn

Pop-corn can be hard to avoid on a movie night.

But is should be on top of your list of banned items. It is the hardest snack to chew on.

And can easily get stuck in your open socket. Causing a lot of damage and pain. Any debris left in the extraction site can be really difficult to clean.

There are many people who have posted this mistake on reddit. And how they regret it.

You should wait atleast 2 weeks before eating popcorn. And up to 8 weeks if your lower wisdom tooth was pulled out.

Can Wisdom Teeth Come Out Naturally?

Wisdom teeth usually come out between the age of 18-25. Growth spurts can be a major factor for your last molars to grow through.

Even if they have not sprouted between 18-25. You can claim yourself free of wisdom teeth. As they can most definitely sprout in the later ages.It is a good idea to get them pulled out at a younger age. Since the bones are still somewhat soft making the whole process easy and less complicated.

Because wisdom teeth most are not likely to come out straight. They either push other teeth or overcrowd the whole jaw. Which can cause pain and other dental problems.

When your wisdom teeth are growing misaligned. The overall process of their removal become way more expensive and complicated. These types of wisdom teeth are usually to referred to as impacted wisdom teeth.

Impacted wisdom teeth if not treated properly can cause severe health and dental damage.

When impacted wisdom teeth are left untreated. They can numb whole or some parts of your jaw and face. The worst complications with impacted wisdom teeth are infections, overcrowding and irritation.

More severe cases of impacted wisdom teeth can lead to periodontal treatments.

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