Can I Moneygram Myself?

MoneyGram has made lives easier when it comes to funds transfer. The company is trusted by millions of its customers who transfer funds to their friends and families living in different parts of the world. Funds can be transferred online through MoneyGram’s official website, through their mobile application, or by visiting any of the agent locations in person.

Can I Send a MoneyGram to Myself?

In this article, we will discuss different aspects of MoneyGram funds transfers and receiving.

MoneyGram Receiving Money Requirements

MoneyGram allows its customers to send or receive funds from any of the agent locations around the globe. The sender can send the money directly into your bank account. The money is directly deposited in the receiver’s bank account.

In case you have to pick up cash from any of the nearby agent locations, you will need to provide the following information.

  • Reference Number 

The reference number is on the transfer receipt and also in the confirmation email for the online transfer. You have to ask the sender to send that number to you.

  • ID

The second thing you will need is a State-Issued ID (National Identity Card, Passport, or resident permit). You may also be asked for any additional proof such as your address, bank statement, or utility bills.

In addition, you may have to fill out a Receiving form (if applicable) on which you will have to enter your reference number and then hand over the photo ID to the MoneyGram agent at the counter to pick up the cash.

Can I send MoneyGram to myself?

Yes, MoneyGram allows you to transfer funds to yourself and can pick them up by visiting any of the agent locations within the nearest vicinity.

Why would you need to send money to yourself?

There can be different situations due to which you will need to send money to yourself and some of the scenarios are mentioned below.

You are locked out of your Credit Card and Banking Info

You will be able to transfer funds to yourself using MoneyGram if you are locked out of your credit card.

You will also be able to send money to yourself if you are locked out of your banking Info which means that you have attempted to enter incorrect credentials and therefore your bank account or application has been blocked.

You are traveling abroad

You can also send money to yourself if you are traveling abroad. You can simply visit any of the agent locations or can make transactions through the money transfer booths at most of the airports. MoneyGram allows you to send money and get it from your destination upon arrival.

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