MoneyGram There is no Account Associated with the Email Address

MoneyGram is a trusted money transfer service provider and is highly trusted among its customers worldwide. It allows its customers to transfer funds internationally. The company urges its users to comply with the terms of service and also to avoid any kind of fraudulent activity otherwise it will take strict action.

MoneyGram There is no Account Associated with the Email Address

In this article we will talk about the MoneyGram restrictions and what you can do if your account gets blocked.

MoneyGram There is no Account Associated with the Email Address

When you are using MoneyGram for funds transfers, you have to register with them using an Email address.

This email address is used to log in to your MoneyGram account. If you cannot log in or an error pop up saying that there is no account associated with this email address, then usually it means that you have been blocked by the service provider and cannot make any transactions. The restriction can be for some time and, in the worst case, forever.

Why did MoneyGram close my account?

If you are trying to make a transaction and are unable to do so then there is a possibility that your account has been closed by MoneyGram.

There can be a few reasons for which MoneyGram has blocked you from using its services and has closed your account. The expected reasons could be that either the company has noticed any unusual patterns in your transaction, it has detected some kind of fraudulent activity or you have exceeded the transfer limit, but normally transfer limits do not cause account closure.

The account can also get closed if the user has failed to comply with the company’s terms and conditions or has been unable to follow the Terms of service.

Furthermore, the company can terminate or suspend access to your profile anytime without any notice if it detects that you are making transactions using someone else’s credit/debit card. It can also restrict you if you provide information that is incorrect or false.

Difference between account Ban and Lock?

If your account has been banned or is locked, in both cases you will not be able to make transactions but both cases are different. If your account has been banned by MoneyGram you will not be able to login into your account.

On the other hand, if some kind of strange activity has been noticed in your account or someone is trying to misuse your account, then for keeping your account safe and to prevent unauthorized access, MoneyGram locks your account temporarily.

How to unlock a locked MoneyGram profile?

MoneyGram will not allow you to use its services, such as transferring and receiving funds, if you have been blocked. You will need to provide some important information, such as identity proof, a state-issued ID, passport, or driving license, to unblock your account. You may be asked to answer a few questions or provide additional information by the service provider. The information that you have submitted will be reviewed by the concerned authorities, and your account will be unblocked shortly.

Additionally, there are two types of bans, temporary and permanent. If your account has been locked temporarily then it means that it will be unblocked within a certain period and if it has been blocked permanently then it can never be unblocked.

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