Does Western Union Call You?

Many people around the globe have been victimized by scammers at least once in their life. These scammers and fraudsters disguised as fake employees claiming to safeguard the finances are actually attempting to steal the hard earned money of many individuals who are away from their homes and are using western Union to transfer funds to their families and friends.

does western union call you

In this article we will talk about the scams which are related to Western Union and how one can tell that it is a scam call and how they can save themselves from getting scammed.

Does Western Union call you?

Yes, Western Union can call you if they need to verify any personal details or require additional information, they send an email at your registered email address. They communicate through emails most often. 

In contrast, if a payment has been delayed or is on hold and Western Union needs an extra Identification then there is a chance that you might get a call.

What information do they need?

Whenever you get a call from either the transfer processing department, fraud department or either from the compliance department, depending upon the case, you would be asked for IDs of both sender and receiver, purpose of the transfer or transaction and relationship with the receiver etc.

How to tell if it’s a scam call?

If you believe a call is suspicious, you should speak with extra caution while sharing any details with the caller. 

There are some preventive measures and guidelines which should be followed to avoid such scam calls.

Ask for their Employee ID

First thing you have to do is to ask for an Employee ID, whenever you feel that there is something wrong while you are on call.

Financial Information

Western Union will not ask you about your financial details. For example, your full credit card details or ask you to send them money for whatever reason. The general rule of thumb to distinguish scams from genuine support is to not believe anything too good to be true.

For instance, if someone is sending you a grant worth Millions of dollars when you did literally nothing to get it. 

Did you Make a Recent Transfer?

Lastly, if you have not made any transaction using Western Union recently and you get a call in which you are being told that some fraudulent activity has been noticed in your recent transactions for which you have to provide information, then don’t ever do so. Never ever entertain such callers as they are trying to steal your money.

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