[Solved] Verification Failed. There is a Problem with this ID Type

A large number of remittances are circulating the globe. Western Union which has been a great helping hand for a huge population who sends or receives money anytime from abroad or locally. Western Union is committed to securing their customers and their payments using different strategies, one of which is ID verification.

In this article, we will talk about ID verification while transferring funds using Western Union? What is the process through which your ID will be verified? And why a verification can fail with an error “There is a problem with this ID type”.

Do you need to verify your ID for sending money?

Yes, anyone who transfers money to his friends or family living in some other country in the world needs to verify his/her identity. It helps Western Union in keeping and maintaining a record of every transaction made by its customers. 

This data protects the customers from being scammed and their money from being used for illegal activities. Plus, verifying your identity will also tell Western Union your actual age (only 18 and above are allowed to make a transaction).

Verification Failed – There is a problem with this ID type

In some cases, the verification can fail with an error “There is a problem with this ID Type”.. Following are a few guidelines that you should follow to verify your identity successfully.

  • Make sure that your ID is valid and is not expired
  • The information should match your Western Union profile.
  • Your picture, date of birth, signature and ID expiry date should be clearly visible.
  • Always upload your profile in PDF and JPG formats.

How to verify your ID on Western Union?

ID can be verified in several different ways but the process is different for different countries.

In some countries, mostly in Europe, you will only need to verify your identity if you are sending 1,000 EUR or above and after that, you will be able to send up to 50,000 EUR. For US customers, you will need to verify your account as soon as your first transfer.

  1. Western Union allows you to verify your ID through the website or mobile application. When your account is pending ID verification. You should find an option to upload your ID’s on the website and mobile application.
  2. ID can also be verified through Video chat, simply login to your Western Union account through the website or mobile application and select the profile icon at the top right corner and choose Start Verification now. Then you have to select a medium of video chat which can be a Computer and webcam or a smartphone. (It may take about 4 hours to verify your identity.
  3. To verify your identity through email, you will have to send your ID to Accountnameverification@western.com. Your name must match the name registered on the account. 

Documents which you will need to verify your identity are listed below:

  • State Issued ID
  • Passport
  • Driving Licence
  • Travel Documents
  • Residence Permit (for asylum seekers)

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