What is GCR@WesternUnion.com? Codes R7008, R7009

Western Union can be a great way to send money to friends and family. It’s a quick way to send remittances abroad with over half a million agent locations worldwide. 

Being a financial institution, Western Union is subject to many financial laws and regulations across the country they do business in. Which can lead them to block or regulate certain transfers in their system. 

Having worked as a customer support representative at Western Union for almost a year. I’ll discuss what GCR@westernuion.com is, and how you can use it to get yourself unblocked from sending money on Western Union. 

western union gcr@westernunion.com

What is GCR@westerunion.com Email?

GCR is the contact email for Western Union’s Compliance Team. This is the team responsible for blocking and unblocking people within the Western Union platform. If you are blocked from sending or receiving money with Western Union. 

The customer support team would ask you to send an email to this address requesting a reinstatement of the services. 

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What is Western Union’s Compliance Team?

Western Union is a mammoth of a company with business operations all around the world. The delicate nature of the financial business they are in, requires them to maintain the operations in an organized manner . 

All transactions made with Western Union go through a series of departments that have different roles from making the money available on time to making sure the customers are not a victim of fraud. 

The job of the Compliance Department is to make sure every transfer complies with laws and regulations as well as Western Unions terms and Policies. 

What Should You Include in GCR@Westernunion Email?

If you want to request a reinstate of Western Unions services. You can do that by sending an email to gcr@westernunion.com in the following format.

Make sure you include the following details when sending an email to GCR

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Email or Phone that you use in transfer
  3. Any Recent MTCN numbers that were blocked by WesternUnion
  4. Any Error Codes You got while sending money e.g: R7008 or R7009
  5. A short request to unblock you from sending or receiving money

What is the Response Time for GCR?

Reinstatement request to GCR can take 20 to 30 business days. Once you apply for reinstatement you should get an automated reply with a case number. You can use that case number to get updates on the request from the Customer support teams. 

Why Western Union Block Customers From Sending or Receiving Money?

If you were ever blocked from sending or receiving money with Western Union. You might have asked why would a company block you from giving them business?

If you even try to call Western Union’s customer support. They would always give you a generic answer that the “Money transfer was declined due to some compliance and regulatory reasons”.  

That’s all the details the team is willing to share with the customer, which is not their fault because the compliance does not communicate the exact reasons with customer support. 

But here are a few reasons why you might be blocked from sending or receiving money with Western Union.

You Exceeded Your Transfer Limits

At Western Union, all customers are subject to sending and receiving limits. If you have exceeded any of these limits in the last 30 days. Your money transfers would automatically get flagged and refunded. In most cases, your transfer won’t even go through with error codes like R7009 and R7008.

In such cases, you just have to wait until the limit resets itself, and you should be good to send or receive money once again. 

Your Name Matches with Someone Involved in Fraud

Western Union has a database of users that were involved in fraud. If you or your receiver’s name matches any of these profiles. The transfer could be denied. In most cases, Western Union would ask you for additional information like a picture of the id of the person in question. 

Just so they can verify it’s the same person that was involved in illegal activities. If you fail to provide any of the information that transfer automatically gets refunded. 

4 thoughts on “What is GCR@WesternUnion.com? Codes R7008, R7009”

  1. Dear Sir, I recently tried to send money to my girlfriend in the Philippines, and it was blocked on 21-01-2022 with Error Code R7008, As I have been talking to her since December 2018, I know her well even though we have not met face to face and I have not been to the Philippines yet, But plan to bring her to Australia for her to Marry me. As I usually send her money through Western Union and Australia Post, it is upsetting for her if I cant send it to her, as she hasn’t got a job and is trying to help support family members.

  2. I tried to send money to a relative today & was told my “account” was blocked. To my knowledge I have no account with you so am perplexed as to why I’m Blocked!!
    Please let me know when this problem is resolved.
    Linda M Marten

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