How Long Does Western Union Block You For?

Western Union is a trusted money transfer service among billions of customers who send and receive funds to and from different parts of the world. The company has 500,000 agent locations and operates in about 200 countries in over 130 currencies. Surely, moving money cross-border is a tough business and involves great responsibility; therefore, the customers are advised to follow the company’s guidelines in order to avoid uncertainty.

In this article, we will discuss why a person gets blocked by Western Union? and how long does Western Union block you for?

Why does Western Union block you?

If you are using Western Union for transferring funds to your friends and family or to anyone, there is a possibility that you might get blocked by the service provider at least once in a lifetime. 

The question is whether you are blocked for a limited time or a lifetime and it depends upon the intensity of the case. Western Union can block you for a variety of reasons such as exceeding sending or receiving limit or compliance-related issues which include scams, frauds, bribery, money laundering etc. The company is committed to safeguard its customers from frauds and illegal activities, for which it keeps record of each and every transaction that is sending money to whom and for what purpose. 

Exceeding Sending or Receiving limit

Western Union has a sending and receiving limit While transferring funds to different parts of the world, the sender needs to know that there is a certain amount that could be sent or received through Western Union. The limit varies from country to country i.e. the limit depends upon various factors such as the location of the receiver and the sender. 

For Australia, there is a daily transaction limit of 5,000 Australian dollars, whereas, a limit of $3000 is set for a person who transfers money from Pakistan to the United States. Moreover, one should keep in mind that the limit also depends upon the payment method and the person’s history of transactions (both receiver and sender).

Compliance Issues

Western Union takes its terms and conditions very seriously and if one ignores them or violates those terms then he might have to face the consequences. Western Union also blocks you if you are unable to verify your identity or if you are unable to provide the required information. 

Both the sender and the receiver need to comply with the company’s terms and conditions otherwise they will be blocked. In such a scenario, you should immediately apply for a re-evaluation as you are blocked and the transactions have been restricted or it would get too late and you will get banned forever.

How Long Western Union Block You?

In both cases, whether you exceed the transfer limit or you have violated the company’s rules and regulations, you can get banned for life, and the only way to use services again is to apply for a re-evaluation by sending an email to

If you have exceeded your monthly sending or receiving limit. You should use services after 30 days once again. Note that the limit does not apply on a month to month basis. It’s applied to the next 30 days of you exceeding the limit. 

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