Is there a Limit to Receive Money from Western Union?

All financial institutions including banks limit transactional volumes, and Western Union is no exception. If you’ve previously sent or received huge amounts of money transfers with Western Union. 

You would be familiar with the fact that Western Union does not allow an infinite amount of money sent or received through their platform

western union receiving limit

There is limited public information on these sending and receiving limits from Western Union. In this article, I will discuss whether a receiving limit applies to you, and what you can do about it.

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Is there a limit receive money Western Union

Yes, a receiving limit applies on receiving money from Western Union. It’s hard to pinpoint an exact figure because the amount varies depending on the country, the receiver, and other factors.

Western Union receiving limits can be sorted in the following categories:

Store Limits

Store limits are pretty much explanatory. These limits apply to Western Union stores and decide how much cash they pay per transfer. The limits vary from $200 to $10000 depending on the store. Store limits don’t have anything to do with the receiver.

 If you are expecting a large money transfer, just go to a store that supports the amount, and you should be able to receive the funds. 

If you’re not sure about the store limits to your nearest Western Union store. You can pull up their contact from Google or call the Western Union helpline. They would be able to guide you to the appropriate store. 

Amount Limits

This limit applies directly on the receiver. Once again the receiving limit varies depending on the scenarios. The factors that influence the limit include your receiving location, your receiving history, and more. 

How Many times can I Receive Western Union in a Month

The limit does not only apply on the amount of transfer, but also on the number of transfers that you receive. If you are facing receiving limits, and you have not received huge sums of money in the past most likely you have exceeded the number of transfers limit,

In most scenarios, Western Union allows receiving 5-7 money transfers in the last 30 days. 

It’s important to understand the timeframe for this limit. The last 30 days does not mean that this is a monthly limit.  

As an example, If you’ve received 5 transfers in the last week of February, you would not be able to receive any transfer on the 1st of March. Even though it is a new month.

What happens when you exceed the receiving limit?

In most cases, if you have exceeded your receiving limit the sender would not be able to initiate a transfer to you. The app would show the error code that shows the receiver is not able to receive any more funds for the current period.

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