How to Fill out a MoneyGram for Rent from Walmart ?

MoneyGram is the most widely used money transfer service, with millions of customers worldwide. The service provider has simplified and streamlined the procedure of sending payments. Many world-famous retail businesses have offered MoneyGram at their stores to allow clients to access MoneyGram financial services while shopping at their locations. 

In this article will discuss MoneyGram’s financial services available at Walmart locations across the country. 

How to fill out a MoneyGram for rent from Walmart?

Does Walmart Offer Money Orders? 

Yes, Walmart offers a variety of products at its stores including money orders that are powered by MoneyGram. Walmart also offers its customers to pay bills, pick up cash, purchase money orders, and transfer funds from any of its 4000 stores across the United States. 

How to Fill Out a MoneyGram for Rent from Walmart?

After visiting the Walmart store and purchasing a money order you will see that there are a few fields that have to be filled with the details that who is sending money to whom and what amount is to be sent. 

Following is the process of how you can fill out a MoneyGram money order to for rent: 

In the first field on the money order, you will have to write the name of the person or it can be a company to whom you are sending the money. 

The second field, having the title “Purchaser, Signer for Drawer” would be the person who has purchased the money order or who is sending the money. If you are sending rent to the owner then, you will have to write your name in the second field. 

Third field will be the address and in this field, you will have to write your address not the receiver’s address. 

It is important to note that there is a receipt with the money order which you have to detach for your record before depositing or sending the money order. 

What is Money Order Limit at Walmart? 

Like any other financial service provider, there is also a limit for a money order at Walmart. Walmart offers money orders powered by MoneyGram. 

The money order at Walmart has a limit of $1,000 per transaction. If a person needs to send a money order for more than $1k then, he or she has to purchase multiple money order of amount $1000 each. However, Walmart also has a daily money order limit of $3,000 per customer. 

Furthermore, Walmart allows its customers to purchase money orders using debit or credit, however cash, a Walmart gift card, or PayPal can also be used to pay for the money order. 

How Much is Money Order Fee at Walmart? 

Normally, if you purchase a money order from Walmart you will be charged with $1. In contrast, the U.S. Postal service charges $1.45 for money orders up to $500 and $1.95 for money orders between $500 and $1000. 

Walmart money orders fee also varies depending upon the store location and most Walmart stores charges $0.88 for every money order. 

How to find a Nearby Walmart Store? 

To find a nearby Walmart store that provides MoneyGram services you will have to visit MoneyGram Agent Locator

After that you have to select a country and enter the address, city, zip, or postal code of the area and it will show you the Walmart stores along with their services, timings and phone numbers. 

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