Can I Pick up MoneyGram Without Id?

MoneyGram has more than 20 thousand agent locations across the United States and these locations also include many retail stores. These stores provide financial services powered by MoneyGram to their customers so they could send or receive funds without much of a hassle. Funds can be received from any of the agent locations within minutes after a successful transfer. 

This article is about the process of receiving and tracking transfers. 

Can I Pick Up MoneyGram Without ID? 

Funds can be picked up from any of the MoneyGram agent locations within your vicinity or from anywhere around the globe but being a receiver, you will need to provide a few details otherwise you will not be able to pick up the cash. The funds are transferred within minutes and can be picked up on the following day as per the sender’s preferences without paying anything. 

If the sender transfers the funds directly into the receiver’s account, then in this case the receiver does not have to provide identity proof or any additional information.

Can I Pick up MoneyGram Without Id?


What IDs are accepted at MoneyGram? 

MoneyGram has made it easier to receive funds from any of the agent locations around the globe and you will need to provide an ID and a reference number to receive funds. 

IDs that are accepted at MoneyGram are (National Identity Card, Passport, or resident permit).  

The reference number can be seen on the transfer receipt and also in the confirmation email for the online transfer. If you are the receiver then you will have to ask the sender to send the reference number to you. 

Additionally, you may have to fill out a Receiving form (if applicable) on which you will have to enter your reference number and then hand over the photo ID to the MoneyGram agent at the counter to pick up the cash. 

There is a possibility that you might be asked to submit some additional proof such as your address, bank statement, or utility bills. 

It is important to note that funds can directly be sent into the recipient’s bank account and for that, the recipient does not have to submit any information. 

What is MoneyGram receiving limit? 

There is no data shared on MoneyGram’s official website regarding receiving limit, however, the company does have a sending limit and if that limit is exceeded your transactions can be declined or halted. 

MoneyGram has a transfer limit of $10,000 per transaction and a monthly limit of $10,000. If someone needs to transfer an amount greater than the amount mentioned above, then he or she will have to visit any of the agent locations nearby. 

How to track MoneyGram? 

To track a transfer, you have to visit MoneyGram Track Receive tab and you will have to enter the REF/AUTH NUMBER and your last name into the given field. Now as you click on Track Your Money, it will show you whether your money is ready for pick up or not. 

How can I track a MoneyGram online without a reference number? 

If you have lost the reference number, you can still track a transfer by dialing MoneyGram’s customer support number which is 1-800-666-3947, or can visit any of the agent locations and ask them to help you to track the transfer. 

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