How to get MoneyGram refund from Walmart ?

MoneyGram is the most widely used money transfer service, with millions of customers worldwide. The service provider has made transferring funds simple and efficient. Many world-famous retail businesses have joined with MoneyGram to allow clients to access MoneyGram financial services while shopping at their stores. Customers can pay bills, purchase money orders and transfer funds powered by MoneyGram at Walmart Stores. 

This article will discuss MoneyGram services available at Walmart stores across the United States. 

About Walmart 

Walmart Inc. is a multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets in the United States. The company was founded is 1962 and is headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas. It has more than 10 thousand stores in 24 countries and are operating under 46 different names. 

Walmart is the world’s largest company by revenue with over $550 in annual revenue. It is also the largest private employer in the world with more than 2 million employees. 

How to get MoneyGram refund from Walmart ?

Does Walmart have MoneyGram? 

Walmart offers a variety of products and services to its customers across the United States. Yes, Walmart does offer MoneyGram financial services in its stores. Customers can now visit the nearest Walmart store and can pay bills, purchase money orders, cash checks, and transfer funds to more than 200 countries around the globe using MoneyGram. 

It’s important to note that Walmart has the same working hours as Walmart. However, some of the Walmart stores operate from 7 am to 11 pm, while some of the stores operate 24/7. 

How to get a refund from Walmart? 

To get a refund from Walmart you will have to take the transfer receipt with a State-issued ID and get to any Walmart store or the store from where you have made the transfer. Provide the information which the agent requires and after reviewing the transaction he will refund the transferred amount. 

As per the MoneyGram refund policy, if the sender has requested to cancel a transfer then the fee he paid for the transfer will not be refunded. However, if MoneyGram declines or cancels a transaction, the sender will get full payment in the amount of the principal along with the amount that he paid as a transfer fee. 

Furthermore, it will normally take 10 working days to transmit the credit to the card issuer. However, it can take a longer period for the funds to appear on your debit or credit card

What is MoneyGram Limit at Walmart? 

Like any other store that provides MoneyGram financial services, Walmart also has a transfer limit. There is a limit of about $10,000 per transaction and a limit of $10,000 every month. If you wish to send an amount greater than the amount mentioned above, then you will have to visit any of the agent locations nearby. 

How to locate a Walmart that offers MoneyGram? 

To find a Walmart store that provides MoneyGram services you will have to visit MoneyGram Agent Locator and select a country then enter the address, city, zip, or postal code of the area in which you want to search for an agent location and it will show you the Walmart stores in the area. 

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