Is Western Union Open on Sundays?

Western Union has been providing its fund transfer service since 1871 and is the most trusted service provider among its customers worldwide. Western Union has almost 42,000 agent locations across the United States that enable its customers to make transactions effortlessly.

In this article we will talk about Western Union Stores that also operate on Sundays and funds can be sent and received by visiting these agent locations.

Is Western Union Open on Sundays?

Western Union has more than 500,000 locations around the globe including retail stores such as grocery and pharmacy stores that have made it easier for many customers to send and receive money upon their visit to these stores. Some of these stores have Kiosks and others have a Western Union agent’s booth. Many of these stores which provide Western Union services operate 24/7, even on Sundays, however, the store timings may vary with respect to their locations.

is western union open on sundays

In order to find a store that provides Western Union funds transfer service you can visit WU agent locator online.

The online agent locator will show the exact locations, their address, timings and phone number etc.


Walgreen is an American company which operates the second largest pharmacy chain across the United States after CVS Health. In early 2014, Western Union and Walgreen signed an agreement to enable customers to send and receive funds from Walgreen stores that operate on Sundays as well.

Walgreen Stores have a Western Union’s self-service Kiosk which has a touch support and sender or receiver can process the transaction through the touch screen.


Another most popular name across the country is 7-Eleven that has the largest chain in the convenience retail industry. 7-Eleven operates in about 20 countries and most of the stores are open on Sundays, subject to the store’s location, regional or National events like public holidays, extreme weather conditions or pandemic. 7-Eleven have self-service Kiosks in more than 6,000 Stores that allow customers to make transactions whenever they want to.


Kroger’s is the largest grocery retailer in the United States and second largest in the world after Walmart. In contrast, Western Union is the most popular Money Transfer Service provider. On October 14th 2020, both the companies announced to extend their 35-years relationship. This allowed customers to transfer funds using Western Union services at any nearby Kroger stores. Kroger has more that 2000 stores across the United States and most of them don’t take off on Sundays.

Rite aid Retail

Rite aid Retail was founded in 1962 and was known as Thrift D Discount Center at first. It is the third largest drugstore chain in the United States that has more than 2400 stores across the country. It provides Western Union services even on Sundays as most of the stores operate round the clock. Many people send and receive funds by visiting Rite Aid Retail stores within their nearest vicinity.

Meijer Inc.

Meijer Inc. was founded in 1934 and is the largest privately owned grocery chain in the United States after the giants Walmart and Kroger. It has about 230 stores in several states of America that provide Western Union funds transfer services and are also operating on weekends. 

Meijer Inc. is owned by Brothers Hank and Doug Meijer and provides a wide range of products at a very affordable price. 

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