How to Send Money to Federal Bureau of Prison Inmate with Western Union

There are a huge number of inmates living in different correctional facilities across the United States. Some inmates have spent almost half their lives in these correction facilities. But there are people outside who remember their loved ones and take care of them by sending money to them in these facilities. 

send money to federal bureau of prison inmate western union

In this article we will talk about different ways you can send money to a Federal Bureau of Prison Inmate using Western Union, and what information you will need to make sure the transfer goes through.

About Federal Bureau of Prisons

The Federal Bureau of Prisons was established back in 1930 and was responsible to provide progressive and more humane care for the federal inmates, to professionalize the prison service and to make sure to maintain a consistent and centralized administration of the 11 Federal prisons that were operating at that time. 

The bureau has been working on various programs as per the inmates needs such as substance abuse treatment, anger management, education and parenting etc. There are some other programs for the reentry of the inmates into the society. These programs provide them an opportunity to learn occupational skills along with work ethics and habits.

What is code City and Inmate number?

There are many facilities throughout the United States; therefore each facility is identified with a unique code which is known as code city. In contrast, an inmate number identifies a single inmate living within a facility. As there are many inmates living in a facility, this unique inmate number differentiates him from other inmates.

What is the code city for the Federal Bureau of Prisons?

The code city for the Federal Bureau of Prisons is “FBOP”. Each facility in the United States of America has a code city in Western Union which is unique. If you are unsure about the relevant code city for your inmates. You might have to reach out to the prison management or go through their website to scour the correct code city.

How to look up for Federal inmates online?

The Federal Bureau of Prisons has maintained a record which contains information about federal inmates who have spent their days in the facilities since 1982 and to the present. In order to locate an inmate the person has to visit the FBOP’s inmate locator

How to Send Money to the Federal Bureau of Prison Inmate with Western Union?

Western Union has made it possible for everyone to transfer funds to their loved ones whether they are in another country or in any correction facility. Funds can either be transferred 

Retail Stores

By visiting Western Unions agent locations, you can use any one of Western Unions partner locations to send money to an inmate. To locate a Western Union store near you, you may use the Western Union store locator

By Phone

if you are too busy to visit a store. You send the money over the phone to any facility by dialing 1-800-255-5227 or lastly, the money can be sent to the inmates through Western Union’s mobile application or through their website.

To Transfer Online

To transfer funds to any facility the sender has to login into the Western Union’s website  and login at first and after the profile is verified, you have to select ‘Pay inmate’. 

More information required while sending money to the inmate includes name of the correction facility, amount details, Inmate’s First Name, middle name which is optional, Last name and Inmate number.

You will then need to select a Payment method to pay for the transfer. You can pay with your credit/debit card, a bank account or set up a transaction to pay later at a store in cash.

Once the transfer has been initiated, you should receive an MTCN number you can use to track the status of the transfer online.

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