How to Send Money to Corrections Corp of America Inmate Using Western Union

Western Union has been facilitating many customers to transfer funds from one part of the world to another. It has more than 500,000 agent locations around the globe and is the most trusted money transfer service among a huge population globally. The money can not only be sent to the business partners or as an investment or as a payroll but many of its customers send money to their relatives or loved ones residing in the correction centers in the United States of America.

In this article we will talk about Corrections Corp of America and how you can send money to Corrections Corp inmates through Western Union

About Correction Corporation of America

Correction Corporation of America is a company which was established in 1983 in Nashville, Tennessee, United States. The company owns and manages private prisons and detention centers on contract with the Federal, State and local government.

CCA has more than 60 facilities and houses about 90,000 detainees and it has almost 17000 employees nationwide. On October 28th, 2016, the company rebranded its corporate enterprise as CoreCivic and became the second largest private correction company in the United States.

The company has claimed that it provides rehabilitation programs along with basic adult information, post-secondary education, GRE preparation and other such literacy programs for the inmates (detainees). 

What is Western Union Code City and Inmate number?

As there are more than 60 correction facilities across the United States, each facility is identified with a code city within Western Union. 

On the other hand, an inmate number identifies inmates in a facility. As many detainees or inmates live in a facility, therefore, a unique inmate number differentiates them from each other.

What is the Code City for Correction Corp of America?

Western Union Code city for Correction Corp of America is “Trust CCA”. Code city is a unique code which is different for every facility across the country. In order to know about the code city for other facilities one has to get in touch with facility management. 

How to send money to Corrections Corp of America?

Western Union provides easy, efficient and reliable money transfer services to its customers and enables them to transfer funds to their loved ones in any of the correction centers. The funds can either be transferred anytime and from anywhere through Western Union’s mobile applications.

By Phone or Retail Stores

 The second option is to send the money over the phone to any facility by dialing 1-800-255-5227 or lastly, the money can be sent to the inmates by visiting more than 57,000 agent locations in the United States. 

Online Transfer

To make a transfer the sender has to

  1. Login into the Western Union’s account and verify the profile. 
  2. Then he will be able to select ‘Pay inmate’. You will be asked to select the correctional facility. Select the correct one. Select a payment method for the transfer.
  3. More information to send money includes name of the correction facility, amount details, Inmate’s First Name, middle name (optional), Last name and Inmate number. 

.The sender can also track his transaction with the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) once the transfer is complete.

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