Is There a Western Union at Denver Airport?

Western Union is the most common mode of transferring funds internationally whether one needs to send money to his family or friends or to himself if he is traveling to any abroad. The company has joined hands not only with leading retail stores but is also serving at local and International airports as well. Many people travel from different airports through several different airports every day and due to busy schedules they seek to make transfers at airports and Western Union has made it easier for them.

Is There a Western Union at Denver Airport?

In this article we will talk about Miami International Airport in relation to Western Union.

About Denver Miami International Airport

Denver Miami International Airport formerly known as Wilcox field is owned by Miami-Dade County and is the second busiest airport in America after Orlando. It is the primary airport that serves the Miami area in Florida, United States, with more than 1 thousand regular flights to almost 167 domestic and International destinations.

MIA is the third largest hub for American Airlines, Avianca, Frontier Airlines, Atlas Air, FedEx Express and many more. The airport has a historical significance as the Airport was an Air force Reserve Station during World War II and some part of it was used as the Air Transport Command Facility.

Is there Western Union at Miami International Airport?

Miami International Airport has tons of amenities and has many international currency exchange service providers. It also has a Western Union’s currency exchange booth at the Central Terminal E on level 2.

Where can I find Western Union store locator?

Western Union has almost 500,000 agent locations around the globe; it has physical locations at leading and well-known grocery stores, pharmacy stores and even at the airports. Easiest way to find a nearby Western Union location is by visiting WU agent locator online through their website where you can search the agent location by following these steps.

  • Select a Country
  • Enter city, State, Zip code


  • Click on “Use current location” and it will locate you and show the stores with your nearest vicinity.

The online agent locator will show the exact agent location, their address, timings and phone number. The locator can also tell you about the services offered by a specific agency.

Can I Western Union money to myself internationally at the Miami International Airport?

You can send money to your destination via Western Union Travel wise service from Miami International Airport. If you and your family have planned to travel to another country then you can simply visit the Western Union’s booth at the Airport’s Central terminal E on level 2 and transfer funds to yourself which you will be picking up upon your arrival at the destination.

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