Does Walmart Cash Money Orders from Western Union?

Walmart is a very well-known retailer that has more than 11000 outlets around the globe. It has facilitated millions of its customers as it has brought a variety of products and services under one roof. Walmart also provides financial services that are powered by MoneyGram and Western Union.

Does Walmart Cash Money Orders from Western Union?

This article is about money orders which are said to be the safest and secured form of payments. We will also talk about the money orders from Walmart.

Does Walmart cash money orders from Western Union?

Unfortunately, Walmart does not cash Western Union’s money orders. However, Walmart offers its own money order which can easily be cashed at any Walmart store.

Walmart offers Western Union funds transfer service that enables its customers to transfer funds to wherever they want. It has facilitated those customers who do not have any Western Union agent’s location nearby but have a Walmart in their nearest vicinity.

Which Stores Cash Money Orders by Western Union?

 If you have a money order issued by Western Union then there are many local grocery stores, pharmacy stores and banks where you will be able to cash your money order. Also, there is a chance that you may have to pay a certain amount as fee at the stores or banks. Furthermore, if you struggle to find a location where you can get your money order cashed then visit this page It will help you find a location nearby and it will also tell you about the services offered at a specific agent location.

How to send a Walmart money order?

If you have to pay someone for something then instead of giving cash or a personal check use a money order as it is considered to be the most secured form of payment. Walmart offers money orders and after purchasing a money order you have to provide a few details in order to send it to someone.

  • Receiver’s/Payee’s Name (Person, Business)
  • Sender’s/Purchaser’s details (Full name, Address)

After filling all the information fields you have to sign the front of the money order, leaving the back blank as it is for the recipient or receiver to sign. Lastly, keep the money order receipt with you as a proof of purchase and also the tracking number through which you would be able to track the money order whether it is deposited or not. 

How much does Walmart money order Cost?

Walmart used to charge an amount between 88 cents and 1 dollar for a money order. However, these charges may vary with respect to the store’s location, receiver’s location and can increase if it is paid through a credit card.

Can you send Walmart money orders internationally?

Yes, money orders can be sent internationally in any part of the world. Walmart provides money orders via MoneyGram which is a money transfer service provider that allows customers to transfer funds to more than 200 countries. However, the cost for international money orders at Walmart may be higher than the local ones.

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