What ID’s are Accepted at MoneyGram

MoneyGram has simplified the process of transferring payments. Millions of customers rely on the company to transfer funds to friends and family through a mobile application, online website, or by visiting the agent’s location. However, while transferring funds the customers are required to provide the correct information including ID and a few other things.

What ID's are Accepted at MoneyGram

This article is about the customer ID that is required to make a successful transaction.

When is ID Required at MoneyGram

MoneyGram offers a variety of options to send and receive funds from one place to another. However, whenever you want to make a transaction using MoneyGram you will need to provide Identity proof.

Following are a few things that you should know.

When Sending Money

If you want to transfer funds to your family and friends, then you should keep in mind that to make a successful transfer you will need to provide your ID.

When Receiving Money

MoneyGram allows its customers to send or receive funds from any of the agent locations around the globe. The sender can send the money directly into your bank account and for that, you do not have to provide any information.

In case you have to pick up cash from any of the nearby agent locations, you will need to provide a reference number and most importantly your ID.

What IDs are Accepted to Pickup MoneyGram at the Store

In order to receive or pick up funds at any of the MoneyGram agent locations, you will be required to provide your ID which includes (State Issued ID, driver’s license, residence permit, and passport). These IDs are accepted at the MoneyGram agent locations. If you have misplaced or lost one, you will surely have other.

What Counts as a Valid ID

An ID is basically what proves your identity and provides proof of your address. A Government issued Identity card, a Driving license, a Residence permit, and a passport count as Valid ID. Before submitting an ID, you should make sure that the name exactly matches, the ID is not expired, and has a photo.

Furthermore, in some transactions, MoneyGram may ask for some additional details for authentication, and that can also include a bank statement or a utility bill.

What if the name Doesn’t Match exactly?

In case of an ID or name mismatch, you will not be allowed to receive cash. To update your details, you can either ask the sender to make changes in the name online or by calling MoneyGram customer support or you can take your ID and reference number to any of the agent locations and inform the agent about the changes.

He will require the details of the developments that will enable him to mail them to the concerned department for immediate resolution.

However, in most cases, MoneyGram does not support the immediate change and instead chooses to refund the money. But if they agree to accept the changes then you will be provided a new name and you will be able to pick up the cash.

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