What Time Does Western Union Close at Rite Aid?

Western Union allows its customers to transfer funds with in a country and from one country to another. It has made it easier for its customers to make transactions by visiting the local stores which are in partnership with Western Union. These stores include grocery stores, pharmacy store etc.

what time does western union close at rite aid

In this article we will talk about a Store known as Rite Aid retail which provides Western Union Services in the United States.

About Rite Aid Retail

Rite aid Corporation was founded in 1962 by Alex Grass and opened its first store in Scranton, Pennsylvania; at first it was called Thrift D Discount Center. Today, it is a well-known and reputed drug store chain in the United States. On July 12th 2016, Western Union announced the renewal of its relationship which has enabled many customers to transfer funds from more than 4500 Rite Aid stores across the country.

Rite Aid Retail became America’s third largest drug store chain in 1981 and 1983 as it marked a sales milestone of $1 billion.

What time does Rite Aid Western Union close?

Rite Aid Retail have a number of stores that provide Western Union services round the clock, however, working hours may differ with respect to the location or due to any government notice or in any situation like pandemic etc. It has more than 4 thousand stores across the United States that provide Western Union funds transfer services and even serve on weekends.

To know the times for a specific store. Please visit Western Union store locator.

Where Can You find Rite Aid Western Union Stores?

Western Union has more than 40,000 agent locations in the United States and these locations include grocery stores, pharmacy stores and airports. The company has partnered with many well-known retail stores and its customers can transfer funds by visiting those stores. The stores can be located through Western Union online agent locator on website and mobile application or by visiting the official websites of the stores that are in partnership with Western Union.

In case of locating Retail Aid Stores as they provide WU funds transfer services as well one can simply visit their site and find a location that is in his nearest vicinity.

Once you visit the online agent locator following are a few steps through which you will be able to find Western Union agent locations.

First thing you would have to do is Select a Country and Enter city, State and Zip code


You can simply Click on “Use current location” and it will locate you and will show you all agent locations nearby.

The online agent locator will also provide you information such as the agent’s exact locations, their address, and contact number.

What is the Rite Aid Withdrawal limit?

Just like any other money transfer service, Western Union also has a withdrawal limit which means that there is a certain amount of money that a person will be able to withdraw from any of the Western Union agent locations and from the Rite Aid Retail stores. However, the withdrawal limit may vary with respect to the store’s.

If you are looking to withdraw more than $5000. You can get in touch with Western Union support to guide to the correct Rite Aid store that supports the amount. 

Furthermore, Western Union also has a transfer limit which means that a person can transfer up to $3000 from any of its agent locations and the transaction limit can increase if a person verifies his identity and will be able to make a transfer up to $50,000. 

Also keep in mind that Western Union does not allow commercial or trade related transfers.

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