Why Does MoneyGram Blacklist Customers?

MoneyGram has about 350,000 agent locations around the globe. The service is used by many customers who transfer money to their families and friends. However, MoneyGram is strict with its policies and blacklists customers who violate the rules or are involved in some kind of scam.

Why Does MoneyGram Blacklist Customers

In this article we will discuss why MoneyGram Blacklists its customers and how they can know whether they are blacklisted or not.

Why does MoneyGram Blacklist Customers?

MoneyGram reserves all the rights to restrict a transaction or refuse to provide its services to anyone at any time. The company does not tolerate any violation of its rules and regulations or if someone is involved in fraudulent activity. If the customer does not comply with MoneyGram’s terms of service or if the company’s fraud detection system notices any unusual patterns in a transaction, then it blocks or blacklists the customer.

Also, keep in mind that the company can terminate or suspend access to a customer’s profile anytime without any notice if it detects any suspicious activity or if someone is making a transaction using someone else’s credit/debit card. The customer can also get restricted if he provides false information.

If you have been blocked by MoneyGram then you should know that there are two types of bans, one is a temporary ban and the other is permanent. If you are banned temporarily then you will be unblocked in a few days or months but if your case is severe as in cases like money laundering or terror financing or other fraudulent things then you will be banned for a lifetime.

How to Check MoneyGram Blacklisted Names?

As per the company’s policy, MoneyGram does not share any details of why a customer has been banned or blacklisted. MoneyGram does not have any online or offline database and even if a customer gets in touch with the support, he is unable to get any information regarding blacklisted names.

Alternate ways to check if you are banned

If you are banned by MoneyGram, it would be frustrating for you to figure it out. So here are some workarounds to check if you are banned.

Look for a transaction not allowed errors

The first thing you would do is to look for errors that generate when you try to make a transaction. You have to see what these errors are saying and if you are getting any error that says this account or user has been banned then, it will be clear that you have been blacklisted by MoneyGram.

Send to a different receiver

If you have tried to make a transfer to a specific receiver many times and your transfer is consistently declining, then there is a possibility that there is something wrong with the receiver’s account. You should try to send the amount to someone else’s account to see whether you can make a different transfer or not. Still, if you are unable to make a transfer then you are most probably banned by MoneyGram.

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