When Can I Eat Pizza After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

can i eat pizza after wisdom teeth removal

Wisdom teeth can be cause severe dental and health problems when not dealt with in time.Many patients don’t realise the removal procedure itself is not that hard. Especially with the 21st century dental knowledge.

The post-operative period is the harder for most people, as this is where the food restrictions come in.

It’s safe to say that your dentist would have declined you many foods that you love. But you have forgot to ask.

Can I eat pizza after wisdom teeth removal?

If yes. Then don’t worry. We’ll let you know in this article.

Eating Pizza with in 24 Hrs After Wisdom Tooth Removal

For the very first day. Only incorporate liquid foods in your diet. Any thing that requires chewing or can get stuck in your mouth should be avoided.

The best foods to survive with in this period are soups, smoothies, ice-cream and yogurt.

Foods like smoothies and ice-cream can work as a soothing agent for your pain. While broths and soups can be food that bring you enough nutrients for a fast recovery.

Anything solid, crusty or crunchy like Pizza is not recommended. Eating pizza in this crucial healing period can most likely end you up with more complications.

Eating Pizza in First Week After Wisdom Teeth Removal

After the initial 24 hours of surgery. You can start consuming softer foods.

Having a nutrient rich soft-food diet is necessary for a quick recovery. Keep a good list of items that are consumable for you at this stage.

Pizza no doubt is hard food consume. Which is why you should avoid it with in the first 7 days of wisdom tooth removal.

Traditional pizza’s can have crispy or hard dough. Which can harm your fresh tooth sockets. Also, foods like pizza are more likely to get stuck in these holes.

Cluttering the whole area with left-over food. And increasing the chances of infections.

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Eating Pizza in Second Week After Teeth Removal

From the second week, it is much safer to add solid foods to your diet. Your jaw would be healed enough to chew hard foods.

So you can start eating pizza in the second week after wisdom teeth removal.Still, try to chew from the other side that did not had the wisdom teeth pulled out. Start by eating small chunks of pizza bites. If your jaw and teeth respond well with no sign of pain.

You can start eating regular size bites. The more quickly your jaw can come to its capability. The quicker you would heal.

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Can I Brush After Wisdom tooth Removal?

Along with your diet. You dentist would advice to follow a careful brushing routine.

Oral hygiene is more important post-surgery because it can help prevent infections.

When brushing teeth after wisdom teeth removal. It is important to keep track of the timelines. For the first 24 hours, it is recommended that you don’t brush the teeth at all.

This preemptive measure ensures that the blood clots in your sockets are properly formed. And are not dislodged by brushing.

After 24 hours, You can start brushing your teeth gently avoiding the fresh socket. You can also rinse your mouth gently with a mouthwash or a luke warm salt water. Keep in mind to not aggressively spit water form your mouth.

The suction produced can badly disrupt your blood clot extending the overall recovery period.Maintain this brushing routine for the initial few days. You can resume your normal brushing routine after this. But do not use electric toothbrushes or aggressive brushing.

Concluding the whole brushing regime. You should definitely brush your teeth with proper precautions. Good oral hygiene is a huge factor in faster recoveries.

I Accidentally Spit after Wisdom Teeth Removal

Aggressive spitting after wisdom teeth removal can cause dry sockets and should be avoided at all costs. The suction produced during the process can dislodge newly formed blood clots.

These blood clots are responsible to keep the wound safe. And they provide the foundation for the soft-tissue to grow. Without these healing cannot occur.

If these clots are dislodged or completely removed. You can develop dry sockets. A very painful condition assocaited with wisdom teeth removal.

If you develop dry, home-remedies and over the counter medicine would not alleviate the condition. You would have to consult with your dentist treat them.

To check if spitting has caused dry sockets in your mouth look for the following symptoms:

  • Pain
  • Total of partial loss of blood clot in the tooth socket
  • Visible bone
  • Bad Breath
  • Foul order coming from your mouth

If you find any of these symptoms occurring. And you feel like your spitting might have caused it. Do consult your dentist. Let them that you think you have developed a dry socket.

A quick examination from the dentist would be enough to spot the condition. Although dry sockets can be really painful and can extend the overall healing time. They are treatable with proper treatment.

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