Can You Receive a Western Union Without an ID in US?

Western Union has over 150 million customers that use its remittance services. The only reason people trust Western Union with their money is because they have proper security precautions to make sure the money is paid to the correct receiver. 

Western Union requires a government issued ID to use their services. No matter if you are sending or receiving funds or claiming a refund. Western Union would require an ID that matches your name on the transfer. 

But what if you don’t have an ID? 

Can You Receive a Western Union Without an ID in US?

can you receive western union without an id

Can You Receive Western Union Without ID in US?

Yes, you can receive a Western Union without ID in the US. This applies to transfers that are sent from within the US to US. Any transfers going outside the US will not be eligible for pickup without ID.

To make the transaction secure, the ID is replaced with a test question on the transfer. Your receiver can pick up the funds without an ID by answering a test question that you set up. 

The following rules apply if you want for cash pickup without an ID at store:

  1. The transfer has to be retail (paid at store). Digital transfers are not supported for cash pickup without ID.
  2. The transfer amount has to be less than $300
  3. The transfer has to be picked up within the US. 

Which Stores Can Be Used to Receive Money with No ID

All Western Union stores would be able to pay funds without an ID. If you have a test question setup with the exception of Walmart

Each different store that has partnered with Western Union has different terms with the company. 

Because of this flexibility, Walmart has chosen not to process transfers without an ID at Western Union. 

Can a Minor Receive Money with Western Union With A Test Question

Yes, customers younger than 18 can also receive Western Union with a test question. All above rules apply to transfers that are received by minors. 

Why Does Western Union Ask for ID to Receive Money?

To provide secure financial services to its customers. Western Union requires that you present a valid ID at the store when receiving funds. 

The ID can be issued by any government facility and has to have a picture on it. Usually the most common forms of ID used at stores are either a drivers license, a passport or a state issued ID. 

Presenting a valid ID at a store helps Western Union identify you as the correct receiver for the money transfer. These ID details are also used to cope with fraud in the Western Union ecosystem. 

Access to this information allows to stop illegal and fraud transfers before they can be picked up. And details can be forwarded to relevant law enforcement authorities when required. 

Can I Add A Test Question to An Existing Transfer?

Yes, you can add a test question on a transfer even after you have paid for the transfer and you have the receipt.

 In such scenarios, you can call the customer support for Western Union to make the transfer available with no ID. 

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