How to Find My Western Union Account Number?

Western Union accounts can be identified in different ways. Usually you use your email and password combination to sign in to your account. 

But Western Union keeps track of your account using the My WU (My Western Union) account number. This number is unique for every customer and can tell you a lot about your profile.

If you ever call Western Union customer support. They might ask you for your My WU number in case you’re calling from a different phone that is associated with the account.

So Do You Find Western Union Account Number?

Step 1

Login to your account at

Step 2

Click on the Menu Button

Step 3

Click on My WU Rewards

Step 4

Copy the My WU number

How  My WU Number Can be Used

Your My WU account number is the identifier of your account with Western Union. You can use it to: .

  1. Redeem your My WU points
  2. Check if you are enrolled in the My Wu loyalty program

When enrolled in the My Wu loyalty program. Your My Wu account number should have all digits e.g: 331 309 329 

For accounts that are not enrolled in the program. The My WU will contain alphabets e.g: 331 3b9 3a9 

What is My WU Loyalty Program?

My Wu loyalty program enables customers to collect rewards in the form of points. These My Wu points can later be redeemed in the form of discounts on transfer fees. 

Depending on the country you’re sending from. Points redeemed per transfer can vary. In the United States, Western Union rewards you with 1 My Wu Point for every $1 of transfer fee that you pay. 

Depending on how many points you have. You can get either a $2, $4, $8 or a $10 discount. 

You can redeem these points on the website by going to Login > Menu > Redeem My WU points  and then click on redeem points. 

Or you can call support and they can apply the discount on your next transfer.

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