What Happens if Western Union Money is not Picked Up?

Western Union is a great way to send funds and family. The money transfer is available usually in minutes, and is picked up instantly in most cases because the receipt needs the funds urgently. 


What happens if your receiver does not pick up a Western Union?

Is the money lost? Can you claim it back or send it back to the receiver once again?

what happens if a western union is not pickup up

How to Check if a Western Union has been Pickup Up

If you’re not sure if your funds were picked up already. You can verify the status of your money transfer depending on how the transfer was made. 

For Retail (Store) Transfers

If you made the transfer in a Western Union store in cash. The agent at the store should have given you a receipt for the transfer. 

You can use that receipt to figure out the MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number).

  1. Go to Western Union’s Track a Money Transfer Page.
  2. Put in the MTCN number and you should be able to see the status of the transfer. 

For Website or App Transfers

If you made a transfer on the Western Union App or the website. 

  1. Log in to your account on the app or the website
  2. Click on Menu
  3. Click on history
  4. You should be able to see past transfer along with their status

Contact Support 

If you don’t consider yourself tech savvy. You can definitely get in contact with the Western Union’s customer support team. 

The support numbers vary depending on the country you’re using the services from. To get the relevant support number for your country go to the contact section of WU website and select your country. 

How long money transfers are available for pickup?

A money transfer is available for pickup for the receiver within 90 days of sending the money. After that any transfer made using Western Union irrespective of the type of transfer (Retail, Digital or TMT) will be available for the receiver

What Happens After Receiver Has Not Picked Up Funds After 90 Days?

There could be many reasons why the receiver did not receive the funds. The fault could be at both Western Union’s or the customers side

Whatever the reason, the money does not disappear and can be claimed by you as a refund. 

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Will My Money Transfer Automatically Be Refunded if Not Picked Up By Receiver?

No, a money transfer is never automatically refunded by Western Union if your receiver does not pick up the funds. You would have to request the cancellation by getting in contact with the customer support. 

Depending on how you made the transfer. The customer support would either send it to the store to get the refund as cash or they would be able to reimburse you on your card if that was  digital transfer. 

How Can I Get Money Back if the Receiver is not able to Pick Up Funds?

For Retails Transfers

If you made a retail transfer. You need to have the MTCN number for the transfer. Once you call the customer support and request a refund.

They would either issue a new MTCN or process the refund on the same MTCN. This depends on whether you would get the fee back or not.

If you are entitled to a full refund, they will give you a new MTCN. Otherwise, if according to their terms of service the fee is deducted. They would process the refund on the same MTCN.

For Digital Transfers

For transfers made using a debit or credit card. You should be able to get the funds back in your card. The whole process can take 5 to 7 business days for the funds to show up in your card 

Will Fee Be Deducted If I Get a Refund?

Western Union classifies refunds in to two types

  1. Faulty Transfers: Transfers where the receiver was not able to pick up the funds due to service issues. For example: no store was available to pick up funds. A full refund will be provided
  2. Non-Faulty Transfers: Transfers where the money was not picked up due to the customers fault. For example: the receiver changed his mind and decided not to pickup the funds. In this case, the fee will be deducted.

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