Can You Transfer Money from Cash App to Western Union?

In this era of technology, domestic and International Financial transactions have been accelerated as people nowadays are more focused on achieving more and have been searching for quicker and reliable ways to transfer funds worldwide. Many other companies at a country level and Western Union at an International level have played their part.

can you transfer money from cash app to western union

In this article we will discuss if Cash app supports money to transfer to Western Union? and what the work around you can use to get your funds to Western Union.

Can you Transfer Money from the Cash App to Western Union?

No, Cash app does not support funds withdrawal to Western Union, however, there are some workaround you can use to fund your Western Union transfer with Cash app..

Cash app is a mobile payment service which was launched by Block.Inc in October 2013 under the name Square cash. This app allowed businesses and individuals to send and receive funds using a unique username known as cashtag.

The app also allows the users to transfer funds to any of the local bank accounts and is issued a cash card that is a customized debit card through which they can make a purchase from the desired retailers.

Furthermore, using a cash app you can invest in crypto currency and can trade in stocks as well. This feature was added to the app in 2018.

Cash App withdraw methods

Cash App allows you to withdraw cash easily and effortlessly and for that there are a few methods which you can use.

  • If you want to withdraw funds from Cash App the first method can be that the desired amount has to be transferred to a local bank account from where you can get the cash easily through a debit card.
  • If you don’t have a bank account linked with the Cash App then you will still be able to cash out with the Cash card which is issued by the Cash App service providers.

Workarounds to Transfer Money from Cash App to Western Union

You cannot directly transfer funds to Western Union through Cash App, but there are ways you will be able to do so. Following are some of the workarounds.

Withdraw to your Bank

First thing you can do is that you can send the required amount to your bank account. Western Union allows funds transfers to be funded through banks. You can initiate a Western Union transfer through your bank on Western Union’s website or the mobile app.

Withdraw from a Retail Store

 In order to send money to Western Union, the second option would be visiting the nearby retail stores. A number of well-known retail stores including Walmart, 7-Eleven, Walgreens and Dollar General Support Cash App transfer. All of these stores also support Western Union transfers. If you have one of these stores in your close vicinity then by visiting the store in-person you will be able to send money to Western Union.

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