Can You Western Union Money to Yourself?

Western Union is a great platform to send money to your friends and family within minutes. 

No matter where your loved ones are, you can use Western Union’s over half a million retail locations to send or receive cash. 

But what if you want to Western Union money for yourself?

Is that allowed?

sending money to yourself with western union

Can You Western Union Money to Yourself?

Yes, you can definitely send a Western Union to yourself. Sending money to yourself is totally within the TOS of Western Union.

If you want to send money to yourself, you just have to put your name as the receiver. You can send money to yourself using all platforms provided by Western Union i.e: Retail transfers (in cash), mobile app, website or TMT transfers (Telephone Money Transfers). 

Why Would You Send Money To Yourself?

Sending money to yourself might sound weird at first. But after working in Western Union customer support for almost a year now. I’ve come across many scenarios where someone might need to send funds to themselves. 

Many customers come in having lost their credit card, wanting to get some cash from Western Union Stores.

How to Send Money to Yourself with Western Union

Sending a money transfer to yourself is a no brainer. You just have to put your name as the sender and the receiver, and select the country and state where you would be receiving the funds.

Can I Send Money to Myself from Western Union with a Debit or Credit  Card?

Yes, you can send money to yourself with a debit or credit card using the app or the website. There are also many retail locations that offer payment using a debit  or credit card. However, debit or credit card payments vary depending on the store.

It is better to call the store first to confirm if they accept debit or credit payments at store. 

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