Western Union Receiver Has No Last Name. Now What?

Sometimes sending money can become a tedious task. No matter how simplified and easy the process may be, you can get into trouble going forward with your Western money transfer. 

The most common customer support queries Western Union support receives relate to the receivers name. It happens very often that senders manage to annihilate receivers’ names. Or they have no idea that the name has to match the receiver’s ID.

But what would you do if your receiver does not have a last name?

Would they still be available to receive the funds. More importantly, what should you put in the last name field, because you can’t proceed with leaving it blank. 

western union receiver has no last name

Does Western Union Full Name to Receive Money?

Yes, Western Union requires you to add a full name for the receiver as it appears on the ID. If your receiver does not have a last on the ID then you can consider the first name as the full name. 

Your receiver should be able to collect the funds at the store with only the first name. 

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Countries With No Last Names

You might be surprised to know that in some cultures people don’t use their surnames.

Countries like Iceland, Burma and most parts of Indonesia do not use their surnames. 

How to Send Western Union with No Receiver Last Name

If you’re familiar with the Western Union platform. You would know that the website, the app, the TMT transfers or even the store agent won’t let you go forward with the receiver’s last name. 

The trick to sending money to a receiver with no last name is to write NOLASTNAME in the last name field.

When you put NOLASTNAME on the transfer. The transfer should be able to go through.

The agent will pay funds to your receiver without any inconvenience. 

Western Union Rules for Receiving Money

Depending on the store, you might be asked for different aspects of information about the transfer. Because all stores that work with Western Union have different ways to process the transaction. 

In some stores you will find an agent to assist you, while in others you wiould have to process the transfer using a kiosk machine. 

In all stores you need to meet the have/meet the following criteria to receive money.

  1. You need to have a valid ID or a test question setup on a transfer.
  2. Your ID needs to match the name EXACTLY as it appears on the transfer. 
  3. You need to have the MTCN provided by the sender. 

In some stores you might need some additional information about the transfer including:

  1. Sender’s Name
  2. Sending State
  3. The amount

Make sure you are in contact with your sender just in case you need any additional information. If you put in wrong information while picking the money transfer. The transaction could be put on a temporary pay hold by the system. 

Can you Change Receivers Name on Existing Transfer?

Yes, if you have spelt the receiver’s name wrong. You can definitely make minor changes on an existing money transfer. You can use this form by Western Union to request changes on receiver name online or you can contact Western Union’s support to make the changes for you. 

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