Does Amscot have Western Union?

Sending and receiver money has been made easy as many large retail stores have joined hands with Western Union to accommodate it’s users. The collective chain of stores have millions of branches across the United States and some have been well-known around the globe.

does amscot have western union

Western Union gets the job done as it has enabled billions of its customers to make transactions and made their lives easy by collaborating with several different companies around the globe.

In this article we will discuss if Western Union services are supported by Amscot and how much they charge for a Western Union money transfer.

About Amscot Financial

Amscot offers a wide range of financial services which provides financial services to its customers. It was a brainchild of Ian Mackenchnie who moved to the United States of America from Scotland carrying on the family’s bakery business in 1986.

He realized that on Fridays his employees have to wait in lines to get their paychecks cashed at the local convenience stores. He thought that there should be a better way and hence in 1989 Amscot came into being. Today Amscot is Florida’s largest non-bank financial services company and is processing over 31 million customer transactions a year which totals to $8 billion.

Does Amscot have Western Union?

Yes, Amsccot does have Western Union and as the company operates throughout the year anyone who seeks to send or receive money to and from any part of the world can visit the Amscot store within their nearest proximity. Amscot Financial Services Company has operated in locations all over Florida and has made things easier for a huge number of people.

How much Amscot charges for Western Union?

Amscot charges a certain amount as a fee. The fee is normally determined at the Western Union counter present at Amscot store and depends upon the amount of transaction, location from where the money has been sent and  which payment method has been used. However, the fee can be calculated using visit Western Union’s website and clicking on the send money tab.

Does Amscot have a Money order?

Yes, Amscot does have money orders and they don’t charge anything for money order, it would be free. However, if the money order is lost, stolen or destroyed then a fee has to be paid. Fees will also be charged in case a person wishes to replace the money order and it can be done only within a 30 days’ time period.

What other services are offered by Amscot?

As Amscot is in collaboration with Western Union and allows people to make transactions it also provides other financial services to its customers as well. The services include money order and cash advances.

Customers can also get Amscot MasterCard through which they will be able to pay bills, wire money, send fax, buy stamps and use it in ATMs, getting charged less than most of the banks. In addition, Amscot Financial Services Company has been named as America’s Best Midsize Employers for 2017 by Forbes Magazine.

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