Does Dollar General Have Western Union?

Socializing has been made easier as the technology kicked in, people from different parts of the world are able to interact with each other from any place around the globe. A huge amount of remittance keeps circulating in the world as these transfers are not only for business partners and employees, but people send money to their friends and family as well which is made possible by Western Union.

In this article we will talk about the Dollar General Store and its financial services after its alliance with the Western Union and does Dollar General have Western Union?

Does dollar general have western union

About Dollar General Retail Store

Dollar General Corporation is America’s chain of variety stores with over 18 thousand stores across the continental United States. The company first began in 1939 as a family-owned business which was known as J.L Turner and Son. 

The name of the store changed to Dollar General in 1955 and in 1968 the company went public on the New York Stock Exchange. Dollar General was an idea of a retail store selling goods for a dollar. The purpose of this store was to make everyday shopping simpler, affordable and hassle free and this idea was so successful that it traveled to many countries.

Does Dollar General Have Western Union?

Yes, Dollar General does have Western Union which is a good thing for its customers who will be able to visit nearby dollar general instead of finding Western Unions stores. On 2nd April, 2019, Dollar General and Western Union joined hands and the customers will be able to transfer funds to any part of the world at more than 15000 locations throughout the 44 states in which Dollar General serves. 

This alliance will allow customers to make transfers digitally through Western Union’s mobile app or by visiting Western Union’s website and in-person can pay at the Dollar General store. Customers can collect the money from these stores as well.

How much is Western Union fee for Dollar General?

Like any other store which provides money transfer services powered by Western Union, Dollar General also provides transfer and receiving services but charges a certain amount as a fee. However, the fee depends upon the amount to be transferred, location and the method of payment. Moreover, the fee can be calculated using visit Western Union’s price estimator.

How to send money at the dollar Store?

Sending Money from the Dollar store is quite easy and quick. Firstly, the sender has to visit the Western Union’s website or has to download the mobile application. Now to initiate the transfer, the sender has to click on pay cash in-store on the app or website and follow the instructions on the screen.

 Lastly, he has to specify an amount that is how much he wishes to transfer and after he has selected the amount he would be given 12 hours to pay the transfer amount at any of the local Dollar General stores in order to make a successful transfer.

How much amount can be transferred and received at the Dollar General?

Dollar General Allows its customers to send up to $800 per day to any part of the world and will be able to receive up to $300 from any local Dollar General store which is in their near vicinity.

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