Does Meijer Have Western Union?

Everyone wishes to live their life with prosperity and have a curious perspective on how the world can be a better place for them. The more they earn the easier their lives get. People travel to places other than their homelands seeking better ways to earn more, and most of these people sacrifice a lot. They start to live miles away from their families and send them money making it sure that they get a better lifestyle.

does Meijer have Western Union

Western Union has been a helping hand for these people and enables each of its customers to transfer funds across the globe, but does Western Union offer their services through Meijer? 

Does Meijer have Western Union? Let’s figure it out in this article. 

About Meijer

Meijer Inc. was founded back in 1934 and is an American supercenter chain across the Midwest. It is owned by Brothers Hank and Doug Meijer and has around 230 stores in the Midwest and offers a wide range of products at an affordable price. It is the largest privately owned grocery chain in America after Walmart and Kroger. The Company has introduced the modern supercenter concept in 1962 for the very first time. Meijer Inc. has 200 stores in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and Kentucky.

Does Meijer have Western Union?

Yes, Meijer has Western Union money transfer services throughout its stores across US. Western Union a leading and well-known money transfer service provider has announced on 11th February 2015 that it will continue its more than 10 years relationship with Meijer Inc. which is a reputed grocery store across America. 

This renewal of relationship agreement includes Western Union money transfer and money order services. After this customers will be able to transfer funds from more than 200 stores across the country to any Western Union agencies around the globe.

What is the Fee at Meijer for Western Union?

Whenever a person visits a store to transfer funds through Western Union then he has to pay a certain amount of money in order to make a successful transaction. And like any other store where Western Union services are enabling billions of people to transfer funds to their business partners, families or friends, at Meijer Inc. the person has to pay a certain amount as a fee as well. The fee depends upon the amount to be transferred and location where he/she wants to send the money. 

The charges vary from country to country and as per the amount.

If the sender wants to know about the exact fee he can get an estimate through Western Union price estimator on the official site.

Does Meijer do Money Orders?

Yes, Meijer does have money order, and if one has to make any payments such as down payment for his car, rent payments can easily buy money order as per his preferences. At Meijer Inc. One can get up to $500 money order and being a customer one can make purchases up to $3000 upon which $0.65 will be charged as fee for money order.

What other Services Meijer Offers?

Meijer Inc. being the largest grocery chain has much more to offer than just Western Union. The company also provides delivery options for top notch brands in foods, fashion, electronics and more than 40 other departments. Meijer owns many companies like Massini, MTA sport, Room & Retreat, Fan Club, Studio M, Wave Zone, Colorful Planet, Edgar+Ash, Ophelia Roe and Lake & Trail. Meijer stores combine both groceries and department store goods and is most trusted among its customers across the country.

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