Does CVS have Western Union?

Money transfer is a necessity now as people have been working remotely around the globe since the time Covid-19 hit the world. International organizations and several other clients have hired people around the globe and paid them with the help of remittance companies

does cvs have western union

.Money Transfer services like Western Union have played a very important role and have helped many people living away from their families who were able to send money to them before, during and after the pandemic.

Western Union no doubt has a huge list of popular retail chains in its network, but does CVS support Western Union money transfer services? 

Let’s find out.

What is CVS?

Consumers Value Stores (CVS)  is one of the largest pharmacy stores in the United States. It works under CVS health which is a leading health solution company which was established in 1963. It helps people in navigating the healthcare system. With over 9000 retail stores CVS health offers many in-person, at home or virtual care services which include health & Wellness, health plans, Pharmacy services, and prescribing drug coverage in order to advise the patients at every moment of his/her health care journey. 

Does CVS have Western Union?

No, CVS does not have Western Union, yet. Interestingly, both CVS and Walgreen pharmacies are owned by the same group. However, you won’t find Western Union supported in CVS while it’s sister store Walgreens supports Western Union. Unfortunately, CVS stores only support  MoneyGram transfer services if you would like to transfer money at CVS.

What Money Services are available at CVS?

Being the largest pharmacy store with over 9,000 stores across the United States. CVS provides  money transfer services powered by MoneyGram which can be used to transfer money all across the globe.

You can transfer funds for  charity, financial support for family or friends or payouts for employees working from different parts of the world.  Moreover, MoneyGram has over 350,000 money transfer locations worldwide. Whoever wishes to send money through MoneyGram at CVS should keep in mind that for a successful transaction he/she must have a photo ID issued by the State,  receiver’s full name and location. One should also keep in mind that for the transaction a certain amount of fee is charged by the CVS for using MoneyGram services.

What other stores Provide Western Union Services?

Western Union is a trusted name and is known for easy, reliable and efficient money transfer service providers. It has over 500,000 agents located worldwide in over 200 countries. A huge number of Population use Western Union to transfer and receive funds around the globe.

If you are a loyal Western Union customer, and are strictly looking to use their services. Large and reputed retail stores like Walmart, Krogers, Rite Aid and Dollar general are in collaboration with Western Union and a huge number of people send and receive funds while visiting these stores. If a person wants to know which nearby store provides Western Union service then he can visit Western Union website and go to the find location or agent locator section.

Will CVS partner with WU in the future?

There is no information on both Western Union and CVS websites regarding plans for collaboration. However, Walgreen which is owned by the same owner as CVS is providing Western Union Services at 8,000 stores in 49 States. Still, there has been nothing shared by both the companies whether they are looking forward to joining hands or not. 

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