Does Walgreens have Western Union?

Many people transfer funds in several different parts of the world. These funds can be for emergency, family support, business investments or payrolls as a number of freelancers work for several different clients. Walgreen, United States 2nd largest pharmacy store now enables many customers to send or receive Western Union’s money from the Kiosk model placed at the stores.

does walgreens have western union

In this article, we will discuss different aspects of sending and receiving a Western Union at Walgreens. We will also discuss what information is required to receive the certain amount of money and could it be done if a person visits Walgreens.

Does Walgreens have Western Union?

Yes, you can use Walgreen stores to send or receive Western Union transfers across the US. Walgreen is the second largest pharmacy chain across the United States after CVS Health. It is specialized in filing prescriptions, offers health and wellness products and provides health information. 

In early 2014, Western Union and Walgreen joined hands and enables many customers to transfer or receive funds from Walgreen stores in 8,000 stores in 49 States of United States. 

The addition of Walgreens retail stores make the money transfer services more accessible to Western Union customers. The Walgreen Stores have a Western Union’s self-service Kiosk which has a touch support and sender or receiver can process the transaction through the touch screen.

Can a person receive money without an ID card at Walgreens?

Yes, you can receive a Western union at Walgreens without an ID. The transfer has to be setup as a without ID pickup for this to work.

If you wish to receive general transfers at Walgreens you need to have an MTCN provided by the sender and an ID card issued by the government is must to be provided in order to withdraw money.

What would be Western Union fee at Walgreens?

If you don’t find many Western Union stores around you, you can visit Walgreen to initiate a self-service moeny tranfer using their KIOSK machines. As with all Western Union transfers, the Sender needs to pay a small transfer fee.

 Normally, an amount of $11 is charged whatever the amount one has in transaction and which will take a day. In contrast, if a sender wants to speed up the process and make the funds available for the receiver to who could be able to pick up the cash from an agent’s location within minutes then one has pay $12.50.

How to receive Western Union money at Walgreens?

The amount transferred from any part of the world can be picked up from the Walgreen stores and to receive the funds successfully there are some guidelines you need to follow. 

How to Use the Kiosk at Walgreens

  • The receiver has to login to the Kiosk by entering the registration details and if you are using the device for the first time then you will have to create a new account. 
  • He has to select an option to receive money. Thirdly, the receiver will have to provide his address, contact number, ID issued by the State and a 10 digit tracking number shared by the sender.
  •  Lastly, he has to take the printed slip and head over to the checkout counter to receive the cash.

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