Does Walmart have Western Union?

Western Union has marked its place when it comes to fund transfer service. Through western union a huge number of remittances are reaching 200 countries and has maintained its reputation since its inception. But can you pickup a Western Union in Walmart?

The answer is, Yes.

Last year in 2021, Western Union and Walmart had signed an agreement to enable Western Union’s money transfer services at Walmart stores across the United States of America. In more than 4 thousand Walmart stores the service will be enabled and people would be able to transfer funds in different parts of the world.

does wallmart have western union

In this article we will point out some general public concerns regarding Western Union service at Walmart stores.

Does Walmart have Western Union?

Yes, Walmart has Western Union, and you can use any Walmart store to send and receive money using Western Union. Walmart is the world’s largest retailer and is a very well-known brand. The brand is quite popular across the United States of America. On the other hand Western Union has been a lifesaver for billions of people living abroad who send money to their families, friends, and business partners internationally. 

In May 2021, Western Union and Walmart signed an agreement which enabled Western Union’s money transfer service at Walmart stores across the country. WU is now operating through about 4700 Walmart stores and the services offered are domestic and International fund transfers, bill payments and money orders.

Can you receive money without an ID in Walmart?

Western Union allows receivers to receive a limited sum of money without an ID if requested by the sender. This type of transfer is more commonly referred to as a No ID transfer or a Test Question transfer, since the receiver has to answer a test question to get the funds instead of an ID.

However, Walmart does not support Cash pickups without ID. To lessen the risk of fraud payments and wrong delivery Walmart only accepted to process transfers that involve the ID pickups in their agreement. If you are looking to pickup Test Question transfers you can visit other Western Union retail stores. 

What would be Western Union fee at Walmart?

In order to transfer money through Western Union at Walmart stores, there would be a fee which a sender has to pay in order to make a successful transfer. The fee is the same throughout all Western Union retail stores, but it is subject to change depending on where you are sending money and the payment method used. 

However, if you are making an international transfer. The exchange could differ through different stores. The exact exchange rate would only be provided at the time you visit the store. 

You can calculate the exact fee through Western Unions site in the send money tab.

How to receive Western Union at Walmart?

In order to pick up cash at Walmart you should know that there would be no Western Union’s agent available but a KIOSK machine through which you have to process the transaction. You have to enter the phone number to check the availability of transferred funds. However, you must have the entire basic requirement in order to receive the funds at the store. 

Once you process the transfer on the KIOSK only then the Walmart cashier would be able to pay the funds. The whole process of using a KIOSK machine might not be ideal for not so tech-savvy people. 

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