Does Kroger have Western Union?

Western Union, being a giant in providing money transfer service has extended its 35-year relationship with Kroger which is America’s largest grocery retail store after Walmart. Western Union now enables many customers to transfer funds digitally, or initiate a transaction via Kroger Money Services online portal and retail stores.

The funds could be transferred to any place around the globe and the transfers can be for different purposes such as, payrolls, investments, bill payments, online purchases or family support.

In this article we will be providing information regarding money transfer services at Kroger which are powered by Western Union and how a person could be able to make successful transactions.

Does Kroger have Western Union?

Yes, Kroger provides Western Union services in their stores. Kroger’s is one of the largest grocery retailers in the United States and second largest in the world after Walmart. On the contrary Western Union has been a helping hand for people living in different parts of the world and transferring funds to their families, friends, and business partners internationally.

 On October 14th 2020, Western Union and Kroger’s extended their 35-years relationship. Western Union customers  can transfer funds, pay bills or send money orders through the service available at more than 2,300 Kroger stores across the United States.

Can a person receive money without an ID card at Kroger?

Yes, Kroger stores are able to pay Western Union Transfers without ID if the sender setup a test question on the transfer. He will be asked by the store associate to provide the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) along with the identity card issued by the government. If the person does not have an MTCN or ID card, the person can still collect the money.

What would be Western Union fee at Kroger?

While using Krogers money services powered by Western Union many customers are now able to transfer funds to different parts of the world but for that they have to pay a certain amount  of a transfer fee. The transfer fee would be the same as at all stores. However, it can depend on the amount, transfer location, and which payment method has been used. Furthermore, if a person wants to calculate the exact transaction fee then he can visit Western Union’s website and click on the send money tab.

How to receive Western Union money at Kroger?

The money sent through Western Union can be picked up within a few minutes or sometimes take up to a few days, but it depends upon what method the sender has used. 

Usually, money sent with cash or a credit/debit card is available within minutes through Kroger stores providing Western Union services. However, if the transfer is made using a bank account the money can take longer to arrive.

 The sender is issued a Money Transfer Control Number also known as MTCN and according to the company’s guidelines the receiver  should have that number along with the government-issued ID card. 

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