How long does the money stay in Western Union?

When you send money through Western Union. The money is usually available to your receiver within minutes. The receiver can pick up the funds at any Western Union store they like.

In a few cases, the money is not picked up by the receiver. The reasons can vary, but most often it’s because the receiver does not pick up the funds due to any personal reasons. 

So how long does money stay in Western Union? Are the funds eternally available to pick up or does Western Union refuse to pay out after the deadline?

how long does money stay in western union

How Long does the money stay in Western Union?

Money is available for pickup within 90 days of sending the funds. The receiver needs to get the funds within the time limit. Otherwise, the funds become unavailable for the receiver. 

What happens if western union money is not picked within 90 days

If a money transfer is not picked up within 90 days of sending the funds. The money would only be eligible for a refund. The sender can claim the funds back.

Depending on how you sent the funds, you should be able to get the funds back. However, the money transfer will not be automatically refunded. You would have to request a refund by calling the Western Union support. 

Will the Sender be Notified if the Money is not Picked Up?

Yes, Western Union will notify you if your money transfer is not picked up already.  You’ll either get a mail in post with a reminder, if you made a transfer at the store.

 If you’ve made a digital transfer, Western Union will send you an email reminder to make sure you are aware of your money transfer status

What are Aged Western Union Transfers?

There is another level of Western Union transfers that don’t get any attention from the receivers or sender even after 6 months. These transfers are known as aged transfers within the Western Union platform.

If a transfer becomes aged. You will not be able to track in on the website. Even the Western Union customer support reps have only read only access to such transfers. To process a refund, the customer support would have to further escalate the transfer to a higher level.

The tier 2 team makes the transfer available in the system once again. After the request has been processed, you should be able to get  a refund .

How will you get the funds back?

Funds are refunded at the store in cash if you’ve made a retail transfer. For any digital transfer, paid with a debit or credit. You will get the funds back in your debit, credit card or to your bank account.

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