Why is My Western Union Transfer In Progress

Due to the pandemic, Western Union’s web services became even more popular than their retail transfers. Customers now prefer staying at home making money transfers from their home.

It’s safe, convenient and provides the same reliability just like retail transfers. For transfers made using your debit/credit cards on the website or the app. You can encounter multiple status messages.

These status messages indicate the current condition of a transfer. It often happens that you will see a Transfer in Progress message for transfers that have been just made. 

Let’s see what the message actually means. 

western union transfer in progress

What does the Transfer In Progress Status Mean

Western Union money transfers first have to go through their security systems to see if the transfers are OK to be available for the receiver. 

All digital transfers are screened by the Western Union’s DRT team. They can stop the transfer if they feel any kind of additional information is required on the transfer. Usually if your transfer is stopped. 

The team will send you an email stating that they need additional details from your side. Mostly, these details come in the form of your id. 

Just because your transfer shows In Progress status, does not mean that you have to provide any further information. It just means the system is still determining if the transfer should go through with any restriction. 

How long can the Western Union Stay In Progress

Your Western Union should come out of the In Progress status within 2 hours. If your transfer is still in progress, you can contact Western Union support. They would be able to confirm if the transfer was able to go through.

Depending on the situation, they will guide you if you need to wait or you can create a new transfer. 

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Can my Receiver pickup a Western Union while it’s In Progress

You will be able to see an MTCN next to your Western Union In Progress. But the receiver will not be able to pick up the funds while it’s in progress. 

You would also not be able to track the transfer on the website with the MTCN. The reason being, transfer is not available in the system yet. 

Will I be charged while my Western Union is in Progress

Once you pay for a transfer, the funds are not charged from your card right away. The exact duration depends on your bank. However, in most cases within the first 24 hours of making a transfer.

The funds are still with the bank. So no, you will not be charged while your transfer is in progress. 

What is Usual Process Time After Verification

Western Union is trusted by customers to deliver money in minutes. However, the promise of delivering funds in minutes is not always fulfilled due to many security checks and regulations in the system

Once you have provided all necessary details, and you’re not changing your money transfer pattern (receiver, amount, location) by a lot. Your transfers should be available in minutes, with the need of further identification. 

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