How to Change Western Union Receiver Pickup Location?

Wanted to send a Western Union to Georgia state, but sent it to  Georgia the country?

Don’t worry. You’re not alone.

These kinds of innocent mistakes happen from Western Union customers and agents all over the world. Where the money transfer goes to a different location instead of going to its intended location. 

So is it possible to change a western union pickup location/country after you’ve paid for the transfer.

how to change western union money pickup  location

Can you Change Western Union Receiver Pickup Location?

Yes, you can change a Western Union pickup location after a transfer has been paid for. The change however is subject to approval, and depends on a few rules and laws determined by Western Union. 

Can I pick up Western Union in a different country?

No, you cannot pick up a Western Union in a different country. You have to be in the same country where the transfer was sent to.

Western Union enforces many rules for picking up a money transfer to ensure security in the platform. 

For most countries, being in the same country is acceptable to pick up your funds at the store. 

However, if you are sending a money transfer within the US or Mexico. Your receiver has to be in the exact state to pick up the funds. The rules are even more strict for Mexico. 

A money transfer going to Mexico can only be picked up in the specified state and city. If you try to pick up the funds at any Western Union store outside of the specified premises. The money transfer would simply not be found. 

What kind of location Changes are Allowed

For transfers going within the US. You can change the pickup location i.e the state to any state you like. The change should be accepted and your receiver will be able to pick up the funds. 

For transfers going outside the US, a simple rule applies. Location change can only be processed for money transfers that are supposed to be received in US dollars. 

Changing locations means that the currency of the transfer will change, because US dollars are not supported in the new location. Your EPL (Expected Payout Location) change request will be rejected. 

How do I change my Western Union receiver location?

Unlike the receiver name change. Western Union does not offer a self-service option to request a change in pickup location on the website or the app. 

The only way to request a location change in Western Union is to contact the customer support either by calling them or chatting with their representatives. 

What if Location Change was not Approved

If your EPL change request was not approved. Most likely it involved changing the currency of the money transfer. Which is not supported by Western Union. 

In this scenario, you can definitely get your money back. If you made the transfer on the website or app using your debit or credit card. You should be able to receive the funds back in your card within 5-7 business days. 

If you made the transfer at the store, your customer support representative will either give you a new MTCN or process the refund on the original MTCN number. You can use that number to get a refund at the store by providing your valid ID .

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