How to Cancel a Western Union Transfer?

Western Union can come in handy when you want to send funds anywhere in the world. 

In a real life scenario, there is a lot that can go wrong with a money transfer. Maybe you put in some wrong details, and Western Union won’t let you make changes. 

Perhaps your receiver does not need the money anymore. 

In such scenarios, how do you cancel a Western Union and get your money back?

how to cancel a western union money transfer

How to Cancel A Western Union Money Transfer

Western Union lets you cancel a money transfer on the app and the website. They call it self-service options. It is recommended if you know your way around their website and apps.

Otherwise, you can contact Western Union support to get your money back. 

Important Information about online cancellation:

Note: You can only cancel money transfers on the app or the website that were created with these platforms. You would not be able to cancel a retail money transfer made at the store.  

Note: Not all digital transfers will be eligible for online cancellation. Usually transfers are available for online cancellation within 24 hrs of making the transfer. 

Note: If you cancel your money transfer online. Western Union will deduct the fee for the transfer. To keep the fee, get the transfer cancelled with Western Union support. In most cases, they would let you have the fee. 

How to Cancel a Western Union on the website or the app:

To cancel your Western Union online

  1. Log in to your account at Western Union
  2. Click the Menu Bar and select History
  3. You can see your recent transfer.
  4. Click the transfer you would like to cancel
  5. If the transfer is eligible for online cancellation you should be able to see a button to cancel. 

How to Cancel a Western Union Paid from the Store

To cancel a retail money transfer. You can contact Western Union’s support and they will process a refund for you.

You can also go to any Western Union agent location and request the agent at store to process a refund for you.  

How to Cancel Telephone Money Transfers (TMT)

Western Union lets you transfer money on their customer support helpline using a debit or credit card. To cancel a TMT, you need to contact customer support once again. 

What are Requirements to Cancel a Transfer

Your Western Union transfer can only be cancelled if it has not been picked up by the receiver. 

Same applies to money sent to a bank account. If the transfer is already sent to the bank. Western Union cannot process the refund. However, in such cases Western Union can forward a request to the recipient bank to return the money. 

Approving the request in on the discretion of the recipient bank.

How is the Money Returned?

Western Union sends a refund on the original form of payment. If you sent a transfer using your debit or credit on the website, app or on the phone. The refund would get back into your card. 

If you made a transfer in cash at the store. You would have to collect the funds back in cash at any Western Union store. Please note, even if you paid with a debit card at the store. It would still count as a retail transfer, and your funds will be sent back to the store. 

What do you Need to Pick up a Refund

To get a refund for a retail transfer. You can visit any Western Union location. Here’s what you’ll need to pick up the refund.

  1. The MTCN 
  2. Your valid government issued ID that matches the senders name

How Long Does a Refund Take?

Money transfers paid in cash are available right away for pickup after refund. You can visit your nearest Western Union branch to get your money.

If you have paid using a debit/credit card or a bank account. The refund can take from 5-7 business days to show in your account depending on your bank. 

Will the fee be returned

Western Union can deduct the fee if you tell the agent there was no problem in the transfer from Western Union’s side. For example, if your receiver decides to not pick up the funds.

In scenarios, where the transfer was not picked up due to some fault in Western Union’s services. A Full Refund will be provided. 

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