How to Fill Western Union Transaction History Request form

Western Union has been in operation since 1871 and has a large customer base from across the globe who send and receive funds regularly. Furthermore, it keeps a record of all transactions in order to enable customers to access their transaction history at any time. 

how to fill western union transaction history form

In this article, we’ll discuss the WU Transaction History Request Form. what it really is? And how does it help a person to request a transaction history?

What is the Transaction History Request Form?

Western Union has many customers in several different parts of the world who trust the service provider and transfer funds via the WU official Website, mobile application or by visiting the agent location in person. All the transactions made on daily, weekly or monthly basis are in the records of WU and it has been maintaining these records since the day it started to provide its services.

The transaction history up to 90 days can be accessed through their website or application, however, if a person needs to see the transaction history above 90 days, he has to fill a Transfer History Request Form. It is a form that has to be filled with the required information and is then sent to the legal team for approval for further processing.

When can Transaction History be Useful?

Transaction history basically shows all the transactions which have been made throughout the year or sometimes more than that. The transaction history is quite useful as it shows when, to whom and what amount of money a person has sent on a certain date. It allows the sender to trace the funds which have been sent and also helps out in other legal matters.

How Old Transactions can be Requested?

Whenever transactions are made within a country or funds have been sent to some other parts of the world Western Union keeps the record of all these monetary movements. One can request transaction history for 5 years old transactions that started and were paid online. He can also request transaction history for 90 days if the transactions started online and were paid at the agent location.

Also keep in mind that the transfers that started and paid at the agent locations cannot be accessed.

How to fill Western Union Transaction History form?

If a person has initiated transfers and want to access the transaction history for transactions older than 90 days, then he has to submit the transfer history request form after putting the accurate required details in all the information fields. The form can be found at the Western Union online website and the very first thing a person has to select on the form is whether he is a sender, receiver or a third party who wants to request the transaction history on behalf of someone.

Being a sender or receiver, one has to provide the following details in order to request for transaction history.

  • First and Last name
  • Date of birth
  • ID (Driving license, State-Issued ID, Passport)
  • Money Transfer control Number (MTCN) for that specific transfer or Western Union can send you a receipt for that.
  • Date of transaction
  • Address

Being a third-party, one has to submit the supporting documents with a proof of the request. Note that, whoever requests for a transaction history whether he/she is requesting on behalf of a deceased family member or a lawyer requesting on behalf of a client, should present the request with a power of attorney. 

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